Haruto Romano: Argues and FightsMature

"Are you trying to plot against me? or do you want out of this place because demonstrating your abilities isn't going to bring you anywhere just yet?"

"No sir, No plotting...I just want to know that's all..." I raise an eyebrow.

I wonder if I can still trust him? I wonder...Yes I can! I can read his mind, but maybe for only a little bit. I try to reach into his mind but I'm still not good enough. I can only read some parts.

"He is only... little brat. He doesn't... anything, he thinks... is a game. Though in some ... to say.... is quite smart."

I walk up to him and start yelling "So you think I'm a little brat?"

"What? N-no?"

"Liar. And I do know what's going on. But unlike you I am just handling it, I'm not gonna freak out. Jeez..."

"Well, that was uncalled for."

"Sorry, I sorta tapped into your...mind..."

"You What! Don't go into what's beyond your reach. You'll strain yourself."

"So, what? Now is when you start to care. Jeez, you can't be trust anyone anymore."

"Your the one to speak. You came up to me and started the conversation."

"So what? I just want to let off steam, ok."

"Fine, but don't talk to me. I need some time to think."

"Oh, when your in here, You'll get lots of time to think."

"Seriously, Shut up!"

"Make me."

He comes running at me. But he is still weak from what he did before. I can easily dodge his attacks. I know my ability was supposed to make me weak but I sorta became stronger.

"Ok, I am tired and I don't want a stupid brat to go around talking like he's all that. Just shut up!"

"Ok, jeez just calm your hormones."

And so he comes at me again, when will he stop? I picked up a chair with my telekinesis and I threatened.

"I will beat your face in with this chair if you come at me again. I can handle more than you to so I am all that and you are nothing compared to me."

I start to stumble, then all goes black.


The End

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