42: TrickedMature

42 walked down the hallway, two doctors at each side.  Dr. Samuel walked in front of her. "You know 42, that you are my favorite patient." 42 nodded quietly. She had to agree. Dr. Samuel was the nicest doctor there.  He sneaked some of the doctors' food sometimes so she didn't have to eat the glop They gave the others. He also allowed her to roam free. Well. she thought looking at the doctors at her side, somewhat free.

"That is why," Dr Samuel stated, "After a great deal of begging and pleading, I managed to convince to give you the serum." 42's heart pounded. "What serum?" "They didn't want to give it to you because you're one of the older patients, but I managed to convince them." He continued as if she hadn't asked. "You will be part of a glorious new discovery. They said you might not survive, but you're a strong girl and I know you can take it." 42 turn around, but the doctors grabbed her and began to drag her toward the operating room; a place of nightmares.

"Don't worry 42, everything will be all right." Dr. Samuel smiled at her. "Liar!" She shrieked, "Betrayer!" The doctor chained her to the table. "Subdue her!" She heard someone shout. They slipped a mask over her face. She tried to hold her breath but she eventually had to breath. With each breath she grew more calm and stopped struggling. Maybe it's not as bad as they made it sound, she thought.  She began to smile dreamily as They drilled into her skull.

The End

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