Savanna actualMature

"Savanna actual, doctors are black targets. Patient is white, breach and clear on our mark."

"Sir, recommend we breach now. 6 seconds at 80%, no fatalities."

"Negative Savanna, hold position until we give the go."

I looked through a man's eyes in the hallway. 6 men crouched by my door, holding weird looking guns. What do they want from me? What do they mean by breach?

"Savanna actual, green".

The door flew of it's hinges. I covered my eyes. A loud bang filled the room, followed by three louder bangs. My body started shaking with pain and everything went black.

Except, I could still see through the man's eyes in the hallway. He was wearing something white... men walked out of the room, carrying my unconcious body with them. Along with a man with two holes in his chest and one of his head. Blood covered all of his clothing. Curious, I made my puppet walk, following the men in black clothing. They walked through a bunch of doors, which seemed to go on forever. Until they tossed my body onto a bed in a big room, chaining me down. A few other people were in the room. The men in black walked away from the room as the door shut. 

The End

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