Fifteen: Not quick to trustMature

Another subject is brought into the room he seemed pretty young compared to me as well as very Niaeve, which made me feel sympathetic to his case. I let him believe that I was an Ally but I wasn't to sure if I could trust him. These scientist could be trying to get more information from me, by using him as a plant. He could also be the same as me but I couldn't let gaurd down even for someone like me.

I look around the white padded room,using telepathy I let go of my body and explore the microscopic world of the walls for as long as I could hold. This power hurt alot after use and so far I could only manage to use it for 30 seconds . I find fissures in the walls wich could break with the right pressure and angle.  I allow my mind to slip through them finding a squeaky clean hallway. Just as I was about to find more a violent tug brings me back to my body and I feel the intense burning pain, and agony filling my body. I collapse clenching everysingle muscle and breathing quickly.

"Are you alright?" The boy asks.

"No." I say barely audible, through the pain.

"Can I help?"

"No." I say asserting control over the pain and begining to make weak movenments slowly standing on my legs holding my head in hopes to ease a raging burning headache.

"You shouldn't be moving. Those guys in the white coats should make it all better."

"Like hell they will, they made me, us like this. You will realize that you too will feel the same pain when you begin to use these....these.....these abilities."He gives me a confused look, but I don't care he will come to the realization soon.  I stumble haphazardly to the blinded window. where those pompouse egg head sat monitoring every heart beat, brainwave, breath I took. I begin to pound the blinds angerly.

"Open up you, Bastards!" I yell knowing they could hear me, they however refused to open up. So continue my headache clears and, my world is brough to a clearer focus.

"Open  the hell up!" I yell once more. Nothing, just as I was about to give in the blinds raise, and there stood the king of pompouse bastards.

"Quiet the racket down! Your giving me a headache." He whines.

"Like you would know what my head feels like now." I mumble.

"What do you want?"

My stomach growls fiercly, " Food, and how to do self replication."

"Food sounds good. Is self replication even possible?" The boy asks he was much smarter thane he looked I will give him that.

"Food can be organized, I would like a well nourished subject at the moment, but the self replicationis beyond my powers. Why would you want that anyways? Are you already trying to plot against me, or do you just want out of this place because demonstrating your abilities isn't going to bring you anywhere just yet."

"No sir, no plotting, just... I want to know that's all."

He looks up at me with a raised eyebrow.

The End

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