Subject 17.Mature

Two figures entered the room. I stood and watched them as they checked the pulses and temperatures of the still bodies. They hadn't noticed me yet, and I wanted to keep it that way.

I held my breathe as they got nearer, and tried to move further into the shadows as much as my short chain would allow.

"Measurement's as expected." One of them muttered, and the other nodded.

"The majority of the survivors are under eighteen. This age group aren't doing so well." the man said again. They were getting nearer and then the figure who hadn't spoke spotted me.

I snarled.

"Don't you dare come near me." I spat at them, lifting my fists. I didn't think I could fight them of, but damn I was going to try.

"Please, were not going to hurt you." The second figure said, and I realised it was female.

The male laughed. "Much."

I noticed the woman look at the man and even though they both had masks on, I guessed it was a   look of annoyance.

"All I want is answers." I said coldly, lowering my arms. The female tilted her head. I took her silence as a request to go on.

"Why me?" I asked. I noticed how small and delicate my voice sounded, so I hardened my expression agian. I turned to the male as he answered.

"Believe me, if you remembered your life before, you would be glad." then he tilted his head. "Well, society would be anyway."

"Jim, that's enough." The female said sharply.

What had he meant by that? Had I been a threat to society? A hindrance?

"Am I going to die?" I asked them. No one spoke for a second.

The female coughed slightly. "You should be dead." She shifted her feet, uncomfortably.

"Enough talking. You've been requested to join the others." He walked over to me, and grabbed my arm. The words 'you should be dead' were still ringing in my ears, and I watched him check the tag attatched to me without resistance.

"Seventeen." He muttered, turning to the female. "Sharon, how old is seventeen?"

TBC ...

The End

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