Arnold had delivered his report a few hours ago. Two scientists dead in Genetics, a hell of a mess. He called in Savanna for backup, no choice. Something had gone wrong. The Russians code was messy, but... the mutation. It's like his directive's controlling it... is this a curse, or a blessing? Doesn't matter, probably won't get long to study it because Daren refuses to let him be on the secure level. He even stated "the best way to refresh his directive is to delete it in a social enviorment and then reprogram." Hopefully Daren dies in that room. Not that would change anything, his orders stand even in death. The tv flashed on, showing the camera feed to subject 33s room. The door to the subjects room opened and Daren walked in.


Daren's sweat dripped down his forehead as he entered the room. A desk lay on it's side and Desmond layed in a chained down table. A technician layed on the floor, his chest still and foam flowing out of his mouth. A cyanide pill. Desmond Conner stared at him with ice cold eyes. Daren smiled and let the door automatically shut behind him. The rooms lights darkened, only one light stayed on, illuminating Daren. Daren smiled and started "hello, I'm doctor Daren. You must be Desmond Conner. Desmond, how much English do you know?"

Desmond didn't say anything, his eyes just stared at the ceiling. Daren smiled at Desmond and asked "did you know that two doctors are dead? We don't want you to cause anyone harm, that's why you're here. We are here to help you, Desmond, if you'll let us. You came here like this, Desmond. If you'll let me, I'll call the doctors. They'll give you some pie and you'll feel aallll better. Wouldn't you like that, Desmond?"

Desmond didn't respond. His eyes locked on Daren. Daren's eyes opened wide and an intense headache washed across his head. Daren involuntarily raised his hand to the camera and stated in an accent "we are all good. Please send doctors in."


I raised my hand and yelled "WAIT! LOCK THE HALLWAY AND HIS ROOM DOWN! Get ready to send Savanna in... tell them that Daren is free. As for 33, keep him alive, if possible."

The End

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