Haruto Romano: Meeting FifteenMature

"So why are we here again?"

"like a said earlier, you are lab rats. You have no rights and we can treat you however we want to treat you. You are here to help us with our experiments. Like I also said earlier, you are one of the few that have woken up from this experiment."

"But why me?"

"Well, we pick people with troubles in their lives. You have had a terrible childhood and when you got to adulthood you wouldn't be able to cope. You would most likely commit suicide."

"How do you know? How do you know I would commit suicide. I could just think about the ones I love and how they would feel if I were dead. They wouldn't want me to be dead so I wouldn't commit suicide."

"Well. Personally, I have tried to commit suicide so they sent me here. I was a lab rat too. But then one day they said, "Hey, let's pick random people to be scientists!". They actually said that too. So I know how you feel."

We walked to a door with the sign with the letters T/KR.We walked in and I saw another person. I was sorta excited but a bit scared and I new what he was thinking. "Did I share the same excitement has him." I could just see the look in his eyes. The look in his eyes also showed nervousness.

"Ok. 0.07 and Fifteen, Get aqquainted, we are just gonna see if other's have waken up." The man walked out.

"So, your Fifteen?"

"And your 0.07."



"Nice to meet you!"

"Are you like Chinese or something?"

"Actually I'm Japanese. Well were getting off to a great start. How about we start over."

"Sure why not."

We got to know eachother (for what we knew so far) and we soon became friends.

The End

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