Subject 17.Mature

I slowly came back to my senses. I felt groggy and tired, but I was alive - I think. I twitched my fingers, and then my arms and legs. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth. 

Slowly opening my eyes, I sat up. I was in a different room now. There were more beds in here, with people lay asleep. It reminded me of something. A dormitory. 

"She's coming! Quick pretend your asleep!" 

Voices flashed through my mind, like a faint hum. I could hear the words, but they were fading, like a long lost past. I shook my head, and rubbed my eyes. Things went silent. Was that a real memory of mine?

I stood up of the bed, but as I took a few steps, I realised I was still chained to the bed. I growled. I am not an animal!

I glanced around the room again. Everything was silent and no one was moving. Dread rippled through me as I wondered whether my room mates were still alive. I tried to reach the man nearer me, but I was out of reach. 

I cried out in annoyance. What the hell was I doing here? Where were those ... doctors? ... who had came to me with the drill? The drill? I reached to my head suddenly, and felt my head. My hair had been shaved to a short cut. I couldn't feel any holes or bumps. 

Turning round, I noticed a mirror. I gasped as I saw who was staring back. 

It was me - not that I could remember what I looked like, but it was a mirror so it must have been - but I was covered in strange markings. I looked almost demonic with me pale skin and dark symbols.

On both eyelids, dots had been placed there. On my forehead there where eight lines all looping each other, with an eye in the middle. Other strange patterns had been tattooed on random parts of my body. Some were faint and fading, others were fresh and bold.

"Your awake, I see." 

I jumped back, in shock. The mirror had suddenly cleared, and in the place of where I had just been, was another doctor. I couldn't see what he looked like, because once again he wore a mask. 

"Where am I?" I asked, standing back up.

"That is irrelevant." The doctor replied, almost bored. "Your here for the sole purpose of helping man kind. Your rights are no more, and you are simply, hmm how to put it, an experiment?" 

"What have you done to me?" I asked, my voice shaking. I stepped closer to the mirror.

"You have been injected with a new serum that we have made. It kills most people, but amazingly your one of the few who have woken from it, and quite soon might I add." 

Another doctor walked into view, whispered something in his ear, and then walked away. The doctor turned his attention back to me again. 

"Goodbye, subject 17. Someone will be in shortly to re-inject you." He said coldly, and then he laughed. He laughed! Anger flashed through my eyes and I ran forward screaming. I didn't care there was a chain holding me. I didn't care there was a sheet of glass in between us. I just wanted to get to him and rip that silly smirk of his face. 

His laughter boomed over my screams of anger as the mirror returned and I was left watching myself go mad.

The End

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