Subject 14: LucidityMature

Subject 14 (Kishto)

The room I was taken to was not very different from the previous room I was, nor from the others I had watched while being pushed in the wheelchair. White walls, white lights, metallic instruments and beds, and scientists using white lab coats.In this new room there were two scientists, one was inputting data into the computer while the other one was scribbling in a clipboard and casting quick glances toward me. I felt like a lab rat. I blushed at the idea and embarrassment of being observed.

My body felt as if floating, maybe the drugs were still in my organism, slowly wearing off. My head was light on my shoulders, the buzzing sound had seized.

"You could have killed me," I said in my  serene, quiet, and sing-song voice. "Whoever doses its patients with that amount of drugs in such a short period of time."

"Who said you were a patient?" the hoarse voice came from the man in the computer.The man with the clipboard grinned. "You are only the subject of the experiments of clever scientists."

I only stare at him, no emotions nor indignation in my face. My eyes were traveling far beyond, lost in time and space. I was in deep thoughts. A voice broke my silent contemplations.

"You were really amazing, we were astounded by your rapid recovery and lucidness even under the effect of drugs" the man with the clipboard said.

I had not turn to him when he had talked, my gaze was fixed at a spot in the white wall. I was humming a melody, really quiet melody. "What is it that you did to my head?" It was only this that I could remember ever since I woke up in that surgical, rust smelling room, something had been in my head.

"Nothing that wasn't there," the man with the clipboard answered. "Your brain circuity for instance was very different from the rest,your neurons moved at a fast rate, your post parietal cortex was highly developed, the only thing we did was strengthened its development and boost up a tiny bit your brain activity."

The gifted child, somehow that seem very familiar.I was still in my musings. Apparently scientists were highly pretentious beings, there was more left unsaid in this attempt of conversation and I was going to give them what they were eager to hear. "What did you give me?"

The scientist in the clipboard beamed at the question. He set his clipboard aside, took a swivel chair, and sat on it facing me. I turned my green eyes to watch his young face. "We have given you a serum to boost up your neuronal and biological activity. With due time you will develop more flexibility and stamina, also, your mental abilities would be fully developed. Meaning, your brain will work in its full capacity, not only a slight portion of it. By it working in its full capacity you will be able to do things like levitate, telekinesis, premonitions, and maybe stopping the time of objects and persons for certain amount of time."

"Stop clouding her mental sky with fantasies," the hoarse voice spoke again, "use the technical term. It is called molecule manipulation."

His fellow scientist was clearly annoyed at being interrupted. "Anyways, as I was saying, you will developed all of those and maybe you might gain more mental abilities as time goes by. Empathy communication, trespassing solids..."

I was lost in thoughts once again, somehow I already knew all of this. The only door in the room was sliding open, its massive structure sliding quietly- so much for its apparent weight. The scientist that was talking to me had suddenly stopped talking, yet another subject was to come in. He walk to greet the newcomer.



The End

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