Haruto Romano: The FactsMature

I was looking around the room to examine anything if I were to come back. I was still chained so I couldn't walk around. A man walked through a door. He looked at me weird. "What are you staring at?" "Well you are one of the few subjects that wake up from the surgery, but your only a kid." "Excuse me, I am not a kid.....at least I don't think I am?" "Ah, memory loss, a side effect. As the days go by you should be able to remember but it could either take years or months. You also have increased intelligence (telekenesis), elemental powers, and necromancy. These are the main effects of the surgery. Also you have hightened your combat skills and you have lengthened your life span by quite a bit." "Ok, so am I dreaming? I have powers and I can live longer than the normal human right?" "See, your intelligence is already starting to work." "Well, why am I here anyways?" "You are test subjects, 'Lab Rats'. you have been given a serum for hightened skills. Those skills are already starting to show. We have to get you to the T/KR. People younger than 18 have to go to that room." "How do you know I'm younger than 18, I could be a midget, wait, that would be sooooo cool. Can I be a midget!" "Ok then. moving on."

A bunch of people in hazmat suits came in and poked me in the neck with a needle. I felt unconcious. I fell into a deep sleep. I am dreaming about being on a different planet with cool looking aliens. They give me food and shelter. But one day they all left and I was alone. That was when I woke up. I thought about the dream. "Could that dream be related to my past life?"

The End

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