"Aaaaahhhhh, turn of the light!"

"oh, sorry William. Still got that migraine?"

"Yeah, I can't see a thing."

The lights dimmed, exposing genetics. Massive amounts of DNA samples lay in their cases while a series of lights lite the forteen foot by ten foot room. Sharlea walked away from the light switch and back to a computer. I rubbed my head, trying to ignore the pain. My eyes started to adjust, red spotted my lab coat and my chair. I blinked, thinking "what the hell?" I sat up and asked "hey Sharlea, I think I'm going to take the night of. You don't mind, right?" 

"No, go for it. See you tommorow."

I nodded and stood up. Pain washed through my head. I groaned and collapsed onto the ground. Footsteps echoed across the room as Sharlea ran to me and pulled me up. Frightened, I looked up at her. Blood spurted across her glasses. She screamed as she fell to the ground, blood pooling out of her open mouth. Her breathing became ragid and then stopped. Jerkily, I involuntarily stood up. My feet started to move, despite my efforts to stop. My elbow slammed against a glass cabbinet. My left hand moved to grab a piece of glass. I started walking out of the lab. A security guard outside saw the blood across my coat, along with the glass in my hand. Yelling, he pulled out his pistol. I sprinted forward and collapsed into the guard as two holes filled my chest. Words slurred out of my mouth "Pozhaluĭsta, otpustite meny". Darkness filled in.




The End

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