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Subject 15

The fellow patient falls back into unconsciousness, and I sigh. I was hoping that I could gain some information about where I was , and maybe to what is going on here. Well at that very moment  a pair of doors are slammed open, with a cart that was drenched in blood,and a unconscious but shaking patient. A moment later a doctor came through and stopped dead in his tracks looking at me.

"Your an odd one. I will get you in a second." He says before I can say anything pushing the cart against and lazily pushing the shaking patient over to a clean bed. He attached a chain similar to the one that was around my ankle. Afterwards the doctor opens a hidden closet and kicks the cart in there.

"Now on to you." He walks across the room," I could have sworn you got of surgery only a day ago. Lets see trauma?" He takes out a penlight and shines it my eyes.

"Urm what is this place?" I ask.

"A lab."

"For what?"

"Be quiet!"He yells at me," No obvious trauma but like subject one no memory of anything."He mutters for himself and takes out an electronic device taking notes.

"What subject number am I?" I ask

"Fifteen. " He replies aloofly.

"Don't I have a name?"

"Not that I care to know of. Anyways you seem to have quite some potential, looks like I research might have reached a new level. We're taking you analysis room."

"Wait what kind of resear..." Before I can finish the doctor jabs a needle into my back  and the world quickly fades back to the darkness.

Once again I slowly wake up , the bright light up above me blinding me, irritating my eyes. All my cognitive functions barely operating, thinking was as much of a task as trying to wade in setting cement. For an unmeasurable amount of time I sit in the same spot letting the drug that doctor gave me to wear off. The room was lit by a series of bright lights and much of it was white say; for the camera's and strange monitoring devices that were way above my reach, and the glass window that a team of scientist sat on the other side with their computers. The more and more I saw of this place the less I thought of them as doctors and the less I thought I was a patient.

"Once again a quick recovery 15, the drug that I administered to you. Usually that drugs takes a day to wear off but they you are standing before us only 5 hours afterwards."

"Why are you telling me this?" I ask.

" Well to keep you from going completely bored and to make you feel good about yourself. Your the first subject that has woken up after treatment, and not only that survived to this point. In many of our views exciting but don't get to proud of yourself just yet because your the fastest. there is other subjects that have survived the treatment but haven't woken from their comatose state just yet. Anyways lets get down to a few things before I have you barrading me with questions. First off rules. One: If you cooperate there will be rewards. 2:If you do not cooperate with us there will be consequences. Three:If you attempt escape because escape is impossible, consequences will be your memories erased,and perhaps even the loss of your mind.4: your are nothing more then a science experiment, you have no rights. Now information about where you are, and what is this place exactly. As its been obviously made clears it's a science lab that well specializes in human testing. Now what we test humans on varies but in your case we are trying to improve our genes to make humans stronger and perhaps even increase one military strength and capabilities. And more personal to you we have given you a serum that has encouraged your DNA to rapidly evolve. So far a few bio scans, and visual observation have shown that your regenerative abilities have been speed up by for times, and your metabolism has sped meaning your going to be hungry at least for times more than a norm human does. Which I estimate you will be eating 12 full course meals in a day. Also a bonus for you is your life span has most likely been increased. As for more desired effects you have shown potential in shape shifting, Telepathy, perhaps self replication, and a trace of the elemental control, but we think that may not develop to the fact your body is evolving with each moment it might not happen. Guess I have told you all I'm willing to tell you. So shut up and don't ask any questions!"

With that final statement a a white cushion appeared over the the window and I was isolated from any sort of interaction with another living being, but at least the guy told me what was going on, but I didn't like how the future might look, I don't want to be a test subject for the rest of my life, even if I don't remember what kind of life I used to live as. It might me against the rules they sent but I'm going to find a way out of here.

The End

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