Haruto Romano: Number 0.07Mature

I had woken up to the sound of talking. "watashi wa doko desu ka?" I heard a loud buzzing sound. It was ringing in my ears. "aah." It hurts, my ears. The buzzing stopped. But I heard something else, something like a drill. I forced my eyes open and I looked and It was a drill. I tried to wiggle free. It was no use, I was chained down to the small metal bed. I had no way of getting free so why waste your energy on struggling? I had to wait and see what fate was going to bring me.

I heard to drill getting louder and louder and I felt the presence of it. I had a sharp pain at the top of my head. "Owwww! get it out, get off!" They had a needle and they jabbed me with it. I started to get drowsy. I slipped out some japanese  "nemui desu..."

I don't know how many hours or minutes or however long I was sleeping but when I woke up I had found a dogtag around my neck with the numbers 0.07. I don't know what that was for but I had a feeling It had something to do with this place.

The End

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