Subject 17.Mature

I sat up suddenly. I moaned as a sharp pain ran through my head. My vision went blurry, and I began to gag. Then I looked up. 

"What the..." 

Where the hell was I?! 

I took in with shock, the dull, grey walls and glass mirrors that surrounded the room I was in. Nothing jogged my memory; I didn't recognise a single thing in the room. I noticed the door at the end of the room, but as I got up to head towards it, a cold chain pulled at my leg. 

I was chained to a small, metal bed. Chained! Like a bleeding animal! Dread rippled though me. Something wasn't right. 

A small tag was tied to my wrist, with the numbers 00017. written in bold writing. I had been labelled. 

Sitting down, I tried to think of the last thing I remembered .... Nothing. Not one thing came to mind. How was that possible? I had a life didn't I? I mean, I was .... who was I? Thing's were serious if I couldn't even remember my own name! 

Suddenly, the door knob rattled. Two figured made there way in the room, dressed in white cloaks and blue masks. They looked so pristine and clear ... and scary. I tried to speak, but I couldn't get the words out. Terror over took me. 

They came over and pulled me on the bed. They were talking to each other, but I couldn't take in the words, I couldn't take in anything! I was falling so fast, I couldn't breathe. My head was banging like someone had a hammer to it. Then the tallest of the figures pulled out a drill.

"Oh, no you don't!" I yelled, sitting up. They pushed me back, and as much as I struggled to get a way, they were too strong. 

"Touch me, and your dead." I snarled, as an empty threat. There was nothing I could do. The smallest figure laughed, deeply. Anger flooded me, and I had enough strength to lean forward and spit in his face, before they pushed me down and inserted a long needle into my neck. 

Everything went dark, and I began to fall again. 

The End

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