Subject 14Mature

"Who is there?!..."

Painful screams coming from somewhere in the darkness. The temperature was frigid, the place had a rusty and salty smell mingled together-blood.

"Please shut up..." I hear myself mumbled. I stirred in the cold metallic table I was strapped onto. The screams were incessant, something was ringing in my ears, or was it in my head? I hear a drill above my head, a light was blazing through the eyelids of my closed eyes. The noise of static shot through my head into my brain. A pain shot through my body, my heart rate was thumping against my chest. I screamed my lungs out, it was unbearable, the static sound was gathering strength in my head. I burst opened my eyes, only to be blinded by a white light with great intensity. I tried to wriggle free from the straps holding me down to this torment, my body was arching in different forms and shapes, I felt hands pushing me down, hard on the table- slippery with a liquid. My back was soaked with liquid that emitted the rusty smell. My agony was drowned by the palpitating of my brain, my screams were drowned by the drilling and static noise in my head.

"!" I shouted through gritted teeth. My head was jerking, then it was devoid from movement between iron-clad hands. The thing in my head was gathering strength, my eyes were open wide looking into nothingness, dazzled by the whiteness and piercing strength of the light. I could hear my screams, lessening in intensity, I was exhausted. My eyes hurts, they do not want to belong anymore to my body. My jerks had stopped, I was paralyzed. The conclusion of my torture. My eyelids fell on my agitated eyes, I was drifting into unconsciousness. That queer sound on my head was still humming a tormenting lullaby.

The End

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