A mumbled, English voice echoed across the room. Pain surged across my body. My arms shook uncontrollably and I soon had to gasp for breath. The voice yelled again "hheelllooo, wwwhhhoooo'sssss tttsssshhhhhheeeeerrrrr". Darkness crept in and my eyes snapped shut. My ears started to ring. My body started moving and I forced my eyes open. A man pushed my body ontop of something. My eyes surged with pain as blood poured out of my tearducts. My eyes shut and something sharp jabbed into my arm. I tried to move, but couldn't. My body wouldn't respond, it just shook. Fingers pried my eyes open and a light blinded me. The light shut of and something sharp stuck into my arm again. A weak groan escaped my mouth, prompting a few more sharp pokes into my arm. English escaped me, I moaned "Pozhaluĭsta, prekratite". The ringing in my ears started to become quieter. An English voice quietly stated "n-... figures aarr... cccloetiiiizine i- inefffff... hhhiiissss coode... aaannnyyy... he dies." 

Another voice coolly stated "we... do it."

Something pried my eyes open. Images appeared in front of me, all saying 052 in both English and Russian.

The End

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