Lab Rats ( Temporary title)Mature

A group of selected people wake up in a lab not remembering who they are or what has happened to them. A short while later scientist inject them with serums and they begin to develope powers..


Subject 15

The first sensation I felt was cold metal on my bare back quickly awakening all the other sense to a lucid well lit reality.

"Ah! Its cold." I say jolting up in a circular room filled with similar cold metal tables and surgical instruments.

I look down at a slim, poorly fed ,pale body, only one question came to mind, Who and what happened to me? I give a brief groan before attempting to leave the surgical table. I slip uselessly to the floor , noticing my left ankle was changed to the table, obviously who ever was in charge of this operation didn't want me to take a look around. I weakly get my self onto my right felt while keeping my left foot in the hair, chaotically balancing on my right, I hop over to a near by surgical table for support. On the surgical table was a mirror a small mirror smeared with spots of blood but yet I could see the reflection of a bright blue eyed man with a mess of black hair. I knew the man was me , but yet I did not recognize the man at all.

I look away from the mirror as I hear a fellow patient well that's what I believe at the moment wake up.

"Who's there?"


The End

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