Rayn: With CodyMature

I stormed out of the hospital, barely even noticing the pain that was zapping through my body like a few thousand volts of electricity. It wasn't gonna fucking stop me. I'd asked him not to go after them, knowing he'd get hurt, and so he went and fucking got himself hurt. Fucking idiot bastard cunt asshole.

My most likely irrational anger towards what he'd done managed to get me all the way back to the apartment without stopping. By the time I was in my car, though...

"Fuck, no, not fucking now," I moaned breathlessly, resting my head on the steering wheel. I looked around to see if Kyle had followed me. When I couldn't see him, I sort of crawled into the backseat, curling up against the pain that was catching up with me. I needed a hit, badly, but first I wanted to get out of here. That said, I didn't see any way for me to get out of here when all I could do was lie on the back seat, chewing my lip off to try and distract myself from the rest of my body's screaming.

It felt like an hour, but it can't have been more than about two minutes lying there trying to decide whether to shoot up and drive or not. I think you can guess what my decision was in the end.


By the time evening had arrived, I was snuggled up in a bed in a motel, rain pattering down on the windows and my head all fuzzy and comfy from the smack. My phone rang, cutting through the quiet. I didn't need to look at the caller I.D to know it was Kyle.

"Rayn?" he asked when I picked up. I just sighed. "Where are you?"

"In bed," I told him sleepily.

"At home?"

"No," I mumbled.

"Why did you go ahead and do it?"

"I'm sorry," he said.

I yawned. "That didn't answer my question."

"I just... I wasn't thinking."

I let out a hum at that. "Yeah. I wasn't really thinking either, when I shot up about six or seven times in the last few hours."

"Fuck, Rayn."

"M'okay, though. I'm with Cody," I lied, "he'll look after me." I mean, the plan had been to go see him, so it wasn't too much of a lie, was it? I didn't need my big brother anyways, the comforter and the drugs would look after me well enough. I couldn't tell if he was convinced by my lie or not, and frankly, I didn't care. At some point while I was talking, I'd decided I was uncomfortable, and was busy trying to be comfortable again, wriggling around between the sheets until I ended up in a ball at the bottom of the bed, with most of the comforter wrapped around me twice.

"Rayn?" I hear him ask.

"Mmm?" I'd already forgotten what we were talking about. I was more interested in nuzzling the duvet and dragging a pillow down to where I was.

"I'm worried about you."

"I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because of what you've just told me."

"I feel like I'm wrapped in a marshmallow," I giggled, fidgeting some more in the squishy covers. I wasn't even sure if the covers were what was making me feel like that, to be honest. He was quiet, and I was rolling around on the bed, marvelling in just how squishy and warm everything was. It was even squishy and warm when I rolled straight off the bed, landing on the floor with a loud thud.

"Rayn?" I heard Kyle's faint, worried voice coming from my phone, but fuck, this was too funny. I just laid there in my giant comforter lump laughing my ass off at myself. After about five minutes of trying to get back up on the bed, I grabbed the phone.

"I can't get back on the bed," I said through fits of giggles.

"Rayn, if Cody's even there, let me speak to him."

"He's asleep," I whispered loudly.

"With you making that much noise, I highly doubt that."

"He sleeps like a dead thing." Not that it's really related, but I did used to ask him if he was a vampire a lot. He'd come home one day with these shiny silver rings on his bottom lip and to my hyper, childish eyes, they'd looked like vampire fangs. I'd sat on the end of his bed, eyes wide and with barely contained excitement if he was going to bite me and make me one too. I made a mental note to ask him that again when I finally got to his house.

"He's not there."

"...Who?" I asked, confused. What was he talking about?


"Oh. No, he's not here, why would he be? I'm in a motel." Oh wait, I wasn't meant to say that, was I?


"I'm nearly at Cody's, I was just too sleepy to drive anymore," I whined a little.

"Where does Cody live?"

"Delaware," I groaned, "can I sleep now?"

He hesitated a little before saying, "sure."

I fell asleep with the phone still on, next to my head. 


The End

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