Rayn: Pretty.Mature

I was definitely high, but not so high I couldn't belt out a couple of Britney songs on stage. In drag. I told Kyle I had a future in drag. I think it was some kind of competition and bitch, I won. They pulled me back up on stage and pushed a trophy thing in my hands.

"Huge round of applause for Honey!" I grinned as they clapped for me and handed me some kind of cash prize.


I fell asleep in the back of my car, still all dolled up and cuddling my trophy. I giggled to myself remembering last night. The others from last night were all milling around sort of smiling and waving at me as they saw I was awake. I waved back, groaning as my head throbbed when I sat up. Which was when Kyle decided to call me. Again.

"Hey," he said, sounding all emo.

"Hey," I replied, unable to mask the fact I had a hangover.

"How're you?"

"I have a headache," I whined, shifting a little and wincing as my trophy fell on the floor of the car with a deafening thud.

"Oh. I can call back later, if you want?" I kinda just groaned in response, getting out of the car and staggering off in search of some painkillers and coffee. "Is that a yes?"

"It's an ‘I'm searching for a hangover cure'," I mumbled, not exactly happy about how bright everything was.

"Oh." I kept whining about how much my head hurt until I found somewhere that sold painkillers and coffee.

"I'm gonna go get something to eat," I said when he was all quiet.


"I'll see you later," I said, not sure if I actually would or not.

"Okay. I miss you."

"I miss you too."

"When are you coming back?"

"I dunno," I shrugged to myself, walking into a diner and sitting down. I reached down and unstrapped my high heels, breathing a sigh of relief as I kicked them off. "When I feel like it."

"Okay," he said, still sounding emo, "I'll speak to you later, yeah?"

"'Kay," I hung up, attracting the attention of a waitress as I turned my phone off.


I went back to the motel I'd been staying at to go clean myself up. I had a shower and got most of last night's make up off. I kinda liked my ‘Honey' persona, y'know? Out of curiosity, I went out into the city and bought myself a couple of girly clothes and some hair accessories. What? I'd always looked pretty girly, and I wanted to see if I could pull it off outside of a drag show.

I dragged Johnny, one of the drag queens from last night into my motel room and made him give me some tips and a makeover. We bleached out a few streaks of my hair and dyed them bright pink, and he taught me how to do make up properly so it wasn't over the top. I put on the leggings and the long black shirt I'd bought earlier, fastening one of those elastic belts around my waist. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognise myself. I kind of liked it. I mean, I didn't wanna always look like this, but there was something escapist about it, and that was what I enjoyed.

Johnny forced my feet back into my high heels and chuckled. "Looking good, Honey," he grinned and I giggled, tugging the hemline of the shirt down a little. I turned and hugged him, pecking him on the cheek.

"Thanks for an awesome time," I said, "I think I need to go home now, though." He nodded.

"Go make up with your boyfriend. I expect a progress update tonight," he told me, putting his number in my phone.

"Will do," I grinned, looking forward to seeing Kyle again.


I left all my stuff in the car, figuring I could get it later and went upstairs to the apartment. I knocked on the door, remembering I'd left my keys behind when I'd slammed out of the apartment.

"Hey, sexy pants," I said as Kyle opened the door, beginning to feel the coke I'd snorted before I got out the car beginning to kick in.

"Do I know you?"

I nodded, sort of giving him the puppy eyes. "Gonna let me in?" He stood aside and let me in. "I thought you missed me and that you were all depressed ‘cause I fucked off." I pouted, partly pleased that he didn't seem to recognise me - because y'know, that means I did a good job dressing up - partly offended for the same reason.

"Wha?" he asked, still confused. I kicked my heels off, climbing up onto his back. He looked even more confused at that, so I let my hair down out of the pony tail it'd been in all day, planting a few kisses on his neck. "Did I miss something or...?"

"It's Rayn, you idiot," I giggled slightly, unbuckling my belt and dropping it to the floor, along with my top.

"I didn't recognise you," he said, laughing a little. He dropped his voice to a whisper, "but if I'm honest, I am still a leetle bit high."

"So am I," I mumbled, nibbling along his jaw line. He let out a hum and I tugged at his shirt, smiling when he let me get it off. I trailed a hand down his stomach, pushing it into his boxers. He gave me another hum and I bit down on his shoulder, pulling a moan from his lips. I jumped down from his back, pulling him into the bedroom, but he shook his head. I cocked my own head to one side, confused. C'mon, man, I'm standing here in a pair of leggings with a boner, ready and willing for once, and you're shaking your head?

"Gave up sex while you were gone," he giggled.

"I'm back now," I said huskily, groping his ass.

"I mean like for good," he told me, moaning a little.

"But I'm horny," I whined.

"Use your hand."

"I want you to make me feel good," I pouted, "like that time when you showed me that sex can actually feel amazing."

"But I'll end up being a whore again."

"You're not a whore."

He nodded. "I am. So I'm not having sex ‘cause I can't be a whore if I don't have sex, can I?" I broke out the puppy eyes in full force, making my bottom lip wobble. "What?"

"I forgive you for fucking Damien, please, Kyle," I pleaded with him, widening my eyes a little.

"You mean it?"

"D'you think I'd be back here if I didn't?"

"You might've come back to tell me it was over," he shrugged. Ever the optimist, that boy.

"Silly Kyle," I said.

"Not really."

"Yes really. Now am I gonna get laid tonight or not?" I asked impatiently, my boner beginning to throb. Kyle just bit his lip. "You don't even have to fuck me, I'll settle for a handjob right now."

"That I can do," he grinned a little.

"Then what are you waiting for?" I growled a little, dragging him into the bedroom.

The End

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