Rayn: It's possessed.Mature

I know that slamming out of the apartment and driving aimlessly for hours was a bit of a drama queen-ish thing to do just because Kyle got high and Damien is incapable of keeping his dick away from Kyle. But I did it anyways. I guess I should've seen something like that coming, given that Damien was only a room away if I was unwilling to do anything with Kyle.

Didn't stop it hurting, though. I mean, I knew Kyle had a history of cheating on Damien, and I dunno why I thought he'd be any different for me. I just hoped he might've realised that it was what had lost him Damien.

I stopped driving when I reached Cleveland. I dunno how I managed to get from Maryland to Ohio without noticing, but I did it somehow. The sun was coming up by the time I found a motel to stay at. I stumbled in, booked a room and grabbed my gear from the car. The place looked pretty run down - I figured they wouldn't notice, or care, if I used their room to get high for the next few days.

I hadn't really had much reason to disappear for days on end without warning before while I've been with Kyle, but I figure it's about time he got used to it, if he's planning on being a prick some more.


My phone ringing in my pocket woke me up some time in the afternoon. I groaned and pulled it out, pressing the green button without looking at the caller ID and put it on the floor next to my head on loudspeaker.

"You there, gorgeous?" Kyle's voice crackled through the speaker and I grimaced. Wasn't he the reason I was still lying on the floor with a needle next to me? "Please say something," he said when I was silent.

"I hope someone's fed Scruffles."

"Yeah, I fed him before I left for work. Where are you?" Uhh... I looked around at the unfamiliar room and shrugged, forgetting he couldn't see.

"Somewhere." It was as good an answer as I could give him, really. I didn't really remember anything after driving. I know I got to a motel and got high, but that was about it.

"I'm sorry about last night," he said. I kept silent again. "I was high, I didn't really know what I was doing."

"Damien did, though," I said quietly.

"I almost punched him this morning. I really am sorry, gorgeous." I didn't say anything again. "Rayn?" Nothing. "Rayn, please. I'm sorry."

"You've mentioned."

"How can I make it up to you?"

"Leave me alone," I muttered, hanging up on him. I stayed where I was on the floor for a bit, wondering what to do with my day. I vaguely remembered that there was a zoo somewhere nearby in whatever city I happened to have landed myself. I refilled my needle with another shot, and grabbed my wallet and keys, heading outside.

It wasn't too cold, considering it was like, winter, so I wandered around in just my t-shirt, trying to find something to remind me where I was.

I'm not sure what it was I saw, but I remembered somewhere in the back of my head that I was in Cleveland. I liked Cleveland. It has a zoo. Did I mention that already?

I headed for the zoo, hoping it wasn't too cold for the animals, ‘cause I fucking love zoos. I feel sorry that all the animals are kept in glorified cages, but they're all so gorgeous that I'm glad they're there to see.

I skip into the aquarium bit of the zoo first, sitting myself down on the floor and staring at all the fish, wide-eyed and probably looking just a little bit too fascinated by them swimming past the front of the tank. By the time I got up, I was convinced I was inside of the tank with all the people going past and the fish were coming to watch us. Needless to say, the idea of being stuck in a tank and stared at all day was enough to have me running out of there.

Once I was outside again, I realised I wasn't in a tank and calmed down a bit, catching my breath. I looked around and spotted all the monkeys and gorillas and I rushed over to the lemurs, staring at them. I watched them swinging around effortlessly and instantly wanted to be able to move like that.

I stayed in that zoo til I was kicked out. I asked if I could stay but I was given a no, even when I pouted and used the puppy eyes on them. Sulking, I wandered around the city, finding myself in a bar in need of another hit.


I appeared to have made friends with a couple of other junkies hanging out in the bar and we were all planning to go hang out in this drug den a couple blocks away when my phone rang again. I looked at the caller ID this time and shoved it straight back in my pocket, letting it ring.

"Not gonna get that?" one of the guys asked.

"No. It's nothing important," I smiled and finished off my beer. "Another round?" they all nodded and I staggered back up to the bar to order more drinks. As we drank, my phone just kept ringing until I got annoyed enough to answer it. I skulked off to a quiet corner and answered it, waiting for him to speak first.

"Hey," Kyle said.

"Didn't I say to leave me alone?"

"Yeah, but... I miss you. And I feel like shit for what I did." I glanced over at the guys I was with as they waved me back over. Distracted, I forgot what I was gonna say and went over. "Rayn, I'm really fucking sorry."

"Cool, shut up a sec," I said, covering the speaker to listen to my new friends telling me they were gonna go find that drug den. By that time, I was kinda drunk already, so I sort of maybe might have forgotten to go back to talking to Kyle and spent the whole walk to the drug den just holding my phone.

"Rayn? You still there?" I stared at my phone like a poisonous spider had just crawled out of it.

"Why is my phone talking?" I asked one of the guys, just a little bit freaked out by it. "Hello?" I asked it cautiously.

"Rayn?" the phone spoke again and I shoved it at someone else.

"It's possessed!" I yelled, hiding behind the person closest to me. A couple of them were laughing and I didn't know why. "Oh my god, make it go away." The person holding my phone pressed a button and the talking stopped coming out of it.

"C'mon, I need to be high," he said, handing it back to me. I stared at it, confused before shrugging it off and following them.

The End

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