Rayn: To Scruffles!Mature

I didn't sleep for very long. Usually heroin has me out like a light, but of course my nightmares were worse than ever. I woke up at about three in the morning, and wandered into the living room, finding Damien asleep on the couch. I giggled quietly to myself as I saw his mauled fingers. Apparently Scruffles really is evil when I'm not around.

I got myself something to eat and sat myself down in front of the TV, passing the hours with shitty films and shows. I heard Damien stirring at some point after the sun was up, grumbling about feeding the hellbeast of a squirrel. Which was when he saw me sat in front of the TV, staring aimlessly at whatever was on. I wasn't paying attention enough to really know what I was watching.

"You're back," Damien said, sounding surprised. I turned around and smiled.

"Did you miss us?" I asked, giggling a little.

"Of course I did," he ruffled my hair, "I won't miss feeding your squirrel though. He turns into a carnivore when I go near him."

"I noticed," I giggled again, pointing at his fingers.

"It's hard waiting tables when your fingers are half bitten off by a rodent."

"I can imagine," I grinned, getting up, "since he seems to hate everyone else, I better go feed him." He nodded and I sort of skipped into the bedroom. Once I was out of his sight, I sighed quietly, sitting in front of Scruffles' cage. I didn't blame Kyle for what had happened, but he sure seemed to. I glanced up at his sleeping form, all peaceful and calm for what felt like the first time in a long while. It'd only been a couple of days there, but it felt so much longer. I ran a finger across my neck where that collar had sat and shuddered ever so slightly. Turning back to Scruffles, I put some more food in his bowl, made a mental note to clean the cage out later on and crawled back into bed with Kyle.

I laid down next to him, half watching him sleep, half staring into space. After a while, I noticed his eyes open a little and I gave him a small smile.

"Morning, gorgeous," he said sleepily, returning my smile.

"Hey, sexy pants. Want me to make breakfast in a bit?"

"M'not hungry yet," he replied.

I ran my fingers through his hair, "that's why I said ‘in a bit', silly," I smiled.

"You know what I mean," he laughed slightly, "how're you doing?"

"I'm good," I grinned, not seeming to notice myself lying there, "you?"

"I'm good," he told me, smiling back. I snuggled up to him, nuzzling his chest when he kissed the top of my head. It felt good to be back here with him. He played with my hair as I planted a few kisses on his chest, making him hum.

"I'm hungry," I stated, just as my belly made a loud grumbling noise. I giggled and sat up. "Sure you don't want anything yet?"

"You can have something if you want, gorgeous."

"I know. I'm asking if you want anything." Silly boy.

He shook his head, "thanks anyway." Kyle got in the shower as I asked Damien if he wanted pancakes. He sort of half looked up at me from the mess of apartment ads in front of him and nodded, mumbling some kind of thank you at me as I disappeared off to make them.

We sat on the couch together and dug into our pancakes.

"Any luck finding an apartment?" I asked, trying to see if there were any that had been circled and not scribbled out.

"One or two look alright, and I can afford them as long as I hold down both of my jobs," he shrugged, and I smiled.

"Awesome. You know I'm gonna throw you a housewarming party when you move in, right?" I grinned and he let out a chuckle, shaking his head slightly.

"Cool. Who're you gonna invite?"

"The pope," I giggled.

"Ooh, y'know I don't think I'm quite young enough for him."

"I'm sure he'd make an exception for you."

Kyle got out of the shower at that point and wandered over, "I'm working late tonight, gorgeous, so I probably won't be home before midnight," he informed me.

"Y'mean I'm gonna be stuck with him?" I asked, prodding Damien in the ribs. He nodded.

"Try not to kill yourself."

"I'm insulted," Damien protested, pouting at Kyle.

"And so you should be," Kyle laughed as Damien kept pouting at him. He reached over and prodded Damien's pout. I dunno why, but I found myself kind of jealous that he was paying attention to Damien. I felt kind of bad for being jealous, but that didn't stop me from leaning over and biting Kyle's hand. Not hard or anything. Just enough to get his attention. He looked kind of horrified by it, and I let go, kissing where I'd bitten. "What was that for?" he asked, flashing me a baby of a pout.

I shrugged, grinning at him. He tutted and let out a laugh. I sort of jumped up and attached myself to him, wrapping my arms and legs around his torso and he hugged me back. I nuzzled his shoulder, biting it playfully.

"You're very bitey today," he said laughing a little. I just grinned. He pressed his lips to mine and I kissed back.

"To Scruffles!" I kind of yelled, and he took me into the bedroom where I got down and fished Scruffles out of his cage. I plonked myself down on the bed with him and let Kyle get ready.

The End

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