Rayn: Here's what we're gonna do.Mature

I shuffled down the road as fast as I could in a pair of jeans that were miles to big for me and with no shoes on. I'm not gonna lie, the area where my dad lives isn't the nicest and if the sidewalk isn't covered in broken glass, it's a surprise.

So by the time I got to the casino to look for Ricky, I must've looked disgusting, with my feet all cut up and bleeding, wearing just a pair of jeans and my hair all messed up. There was probably still some jizz in it, too.

The bouncer guy looked at me like I'd just escaped from a loony bin. I'd probably look at me like that too if I could see me.

"You're not getting in looking like that, kid," he laughed.

"I don't wanna gamble, I need to see Ricky. Let me in."

"Come back when you've got some clothes on." I pointed at the jeans. He shook his head and pointed down the street, turning me away. I let out a sigh and started walking away. I glanced back, seeing he was distracted by letting in some tourists. I broke into a sprint, ducking under their arms and running into the casino. I ignored all the weird looks and mutters, focusing on finding Ricky.

I had to keep running to find him, ‘cause that bouncer had chased me inside and was determined to kick me out. Ricky was watching a card game, apparently interested in this guy who looked like he was on a winning streak. I launched myself at him, yelling his name. He looked around, alarmed as he saw me hurtling towards him. He caught me and I sort of clung onto him, letting out a vaguely relieved sob as I rested my head on his shoulder.

"Sir, this kid-" the bouncer guy started but Ricky held up a hand and cut him off.

"-Is always welcome in here. Get back to your job." The bouncer stared at me dumbly for a second before nodding and going back to standing at the door. Ricky carried me to his office and sat me down on the desk. "What's going on, kiddo? Your boyfriend came and showed me that DVD of you and your dad, and now you show up looking like this..."

"Kyle tried to come save me," I hiccupped, still feeling kind of hysterical, "but it went wrong and now dad's got him tied up and he's gonna hurt him when he comes back and finds me gone." I could feel those tears starting to come back and I kind of wonder how someone can cry so much. "He told me to find you and then get the cops, but I can't leave him there on his own." He nodded, apparently understanding my babbling.

"Okay, kiddo. Here's what we're gonna do."


Rickey carried me back to dad's house, saving me from cutting up my feet any more on the sidewalks. I sort of clung to him the same way a little kid does to a parent, my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist and my head on his shoulder, my tears ruining his suit jacket.

"He came running into my casino looking like this. It's unacceptable, Toby. Make sure you keep control of him better next time," Ricky said gruffly, trying to pry me off of him. I cried harder and gripped the back of his jacket tightly.

"Sorry," dad replied, sounding more annoyed at me than apologetic. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me off. I twisted my limbs around him instead, whimpering a string of ‘sorry's. He rubbed a hand up and down my back, pretending to comfort me. "I'll make sure he doesn't turn up like that again. Thanks for bringing him back." Ricky nodded and walked away, and dad shut the door, walking upstairs with me still attached to him. Kyle stared at me as he put me down on the bed and pulled the jeans off me, dropping them on the floor. I winced as he struck me across the face.

"Leave him alone," Kyle protested, but dad ignored him.

"I'm sorry, daddy. I wasn't thinking."

"Leave him the fuck alone," Kyle said louder, a growl kind of entering his tone. Dad spat at him, pulling a new chain into sight for me to see before he fastened it around my ankle. Kyle watched, anger sparking in his eyes.

"You stay there, baby. I'll have to punish you later for that, y'know?" he stood up straight and smiled at the sight of us before him. He turned and walked off, going downstairs.

"What happened?" Kyle asked.

"Ricky bought me back," I smiled a little, "I told him what happened and that I couldn't just leave you here."

"Why the fuck would he bring you back? I said to go to the cops, gorgeous."

"I had to beg him to. He didn't want to bring me back, but I made him. He's gonna call the cops for me. I couldn't just leave you here," I told him as I shuffled down to snuggle up to him. He snuggled back.

"I would've been fine on my own, idiot," he said, kissing the top of my head.

"I didn't wanna risk it," I mumbled, pressing my head to his chest, closing my eyes. He played with my hair and I hummed, feeling myself starting to drift off, at home in his arms.

The End

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