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I jumped into the messy double bed the second I got upstairs, not caring anymore if Kyle could see or not. Those footsteps downstairs frightened me far more than the thought that Kyle might end up getting the wrong idea. I curled up in the middle of last night's aftermath and did my best to not look like I'd just bolted upstairs.

His heavy footfall sounded torturously slow coming up the stairs, and I prayed he'd hurry up and get it over with, whatever it was he had in his mind. He pushed open his bedroom door, smiling as he saw me there waiting for him like the good little boy he raised me to be. He closed the curtains and crawled onto the bed over me, planting a kiss on my cheek. I barely hid a cringe as his lips sought mine. He'd never kissed me before. This was new, and somehow worse than just being used for sex. I kissed back reluctantly, knowing my punishment would be worse if I didn't just go along with it.

"Have you been a good boy for me?" He asked, stroking my hair and tucking some of it behind my ear. I nodded and he smiled, twisting one of my nipples gently. I bit down on my lip, trying to slip off to the back of my mind where nothing but me and Kyle existed back in Maryland. He pushed his hand downward in the direction of my crotch and I bit my lip even harder. I felt the skin start to break, but I didn't care, and he didn't notice. His fingers brushed against my limp dick and started to massage it carefully, trying to bring it to life.

I did my best to go along with it like I always used to, telling myself it'd be over soon and I'd be left alone again. I flooded my mind with thoughts of Kyle, hoping it would get me harder quicker so he didn't hit me if I couldn't get it up. He unfastened the chain around my ankle so he could get my jeans off and threw them, along with the rest of my clothes on the floor. He clipped the metal back around my ankle once he was done stripping me.

"I'm sorry, baby, but I can't trust you after you ran away like that before. You understand it's for your own good, don't you?"

I nodded, "yes, daddy," I forced myself to say, "thank you, daddy. I love you." I could taste bile rising up in my throat. He smiled, still playing with my dick. He started squeezing it kinda hard and I winced, doing my best not to try and wriggle away from him. "Fuck," I whimpered as he tightened his grip even more. He forced his fingers into my mouth and I sucked and licked at them, wishing what was coming next wasn't coming at all.

He left me shaking in the bed, lying aching and hurt. I was gonna have hand shaped bruises all over my waist and hips later on. I wanted nothing more than to get dressed and go home, but he'd taken my clothes away. He said he preferred me naked and that it'd teach me a much needed lesson in humility at the same time. I wrapped myself in the comforter instead, turning it into a cocoon. Maybe when I woke up I'd be a butterfly and I could fly away.


"I have a present for you, baby," dad's voice surprised me late the next morning. I thought he'd gone out to work, but apparently not. I was lying on the sofa under the comforter, the TV on more for background noise than anything, and sat bolt upright when I heard him.

"I'm in here, daddy," I called, in case he got annoyed that I hadn't told him where I was before he bothered to look upstairs. He walked in, smiling.

He pulled something out of a bag and held it up for me to gawp at in appreciation or something. I didn't. I couldn't look at what he'd got me in anything other than shock and vague disgust. It was a thick leather dog collar. "You're mine, y'see, baby, and I wanted you to remember it this time. I even got your name embossed on it, look," he pointed it out kind of proudly, and walked over to me. I pulled my legs up to my chest, giving him room to sit down before he let himself flop down on my feet.

"I'm sure I don't need a collar to remember that, daddy," I mumbled quietly as he fiddled with the buckle to get it undone.

"You need re-disciplining, baby, and this is where we'll start. Until you remember who you belong to, and who you're loyal to, you'll wear this, and nothing more. Clear?" I nodded, unable to speak as he fitted it around my neck like he was putting a necklace on a girl or something. "That Kyle boy really got under your skin didn't he? Giving you all these delusions that he loves you when it's me that loves you, you silly boy."

"I'm sorry, daddy," I practically whisper and he smiles, carressing my face with one hand, tapping it lightly. My belly growled angrily at that point and his smile grew.

"Why don't I fix you something to eat?" He got up without waiting for and answer. I don't think it mattered how hungry I was, I couldn't have swallowed under the strangely heavy weight of the new collar fastened just a little too tightly around my neck.

The End

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