Damien: Easily Bribed.Mature

"You still love him," Nathan says, reading the note from Kyle again. It's not a question, and the nod I give him is totally unnecessary. He sighs, pushing a hand through my hair gently. "It's okay, y'know. You can't get over someone you care about so much quickly."

"It's been over eight months," I mumble, sulking just a little bit.

"Well, you love the guy. That's not an easy bond to break, is it?" I shake my head, looking down at my hands. He wraps his arms around me, pulling me in for a hug and I let him, leaning into his chest. "the next year and a half will be over before you know it and you can get your ass out of here and see if you can patch things up with him."

"But he's with Rayn, and I don't wanna be the reason that either of them get hurt."

"Just wait and see how things work out, babe." I nod slightly, not really feeling all that confident about it. I take the note back and fold it up again, slipping it in one of the game's cases to keep it safe.


The week goes by pretty slowly. Things between me and Nathan have kinda gone weird since I admitted I still love Kyle, and while he's not exactly having a bitch fit over it, I've slept on my own more than a couple times, left to read Kyle's note til I pass out from exhaustion. Visit day rolls around eventually, and I find myself sitting on the edge of my bunk, waiting apprehensively for my name to be called out. Part of me is panicking that he would decide not to come back after what happened last week.

But sure enough, my name is yelled and I practically run over to be handcuffed and taken to the visit room.

Kyle smiles at me as he sits down, and I return it, instantly giving into the urge to hug him. He hugs back and that's kinda when I notice the small scabs on his chin and nose. I pull back a little.

"What happened to you?"

"Head butted a wall," he says.

"Why do I not believe that?"

"Because I'm not very accident prone?" he suggests. I nod, running a couple of fingers over the scabs.

"And now the truth?"

"Matt," he tells me. I'm hit by a wave of anger at the mention of the bastard's name, and all I wanna do is rip the guy's head off and spit in the hole. Kyle just shrugs. "How're you anyway?"

"Get that Marcus guy back, gorgeous, please. I don't like the thought of him still causing trouble."

"It was self defence more than anything. Don't worry about it," he smiles. I'm not exactly what you would call convinced. He ignores the fact that I quite obviously don't believe him. "How're you?"

"I'm... fine, I guess. You?"

"I'm good."

"And the squirrel boy?"

"He's okay."

I nod, suddenly remembering that squirrel boy never used to sleep ‘cause he had these nightmares. He never told us what they were, but it was fucking annoying having a hyperactive idiot running around the tour bus ‘cause he was bored and restless. "How's he sleeping? I know he used to get a lot of nightmares."

"What're they about? He won't tell me."

I shrug, "beats me. He never told us either." Kyle frowns a little. "Could be anything though. He's good at making himself scared of things. Like birds," I chuckle, remembering the time he climbed up a tree and got stuck and started freaking out because there were loads of birds in it.

Kyle chuckles too, "he's never gonna get over that, is he?"

"I doubt it. He's been terrified of them for longer than I've known him. I think Cancer said he had a bad acid trip while he was watching that film, Birds." Kyle laughs a little, and I smile. "I miss the little fucker. Being on tour with him was brilliant."

He smiles, "I'll get him to come visit you next week." I mirror his smile.

"I'd like that. Maybe he can bring Scruffles with him."

"I don't think they'd let a squirrel in here, gorgeous."

"You're forgetting how easily bribed these guys are," I laugh slightly, wondering if it would actually be possible to bribe them to let Rayn bring his squirrel.

"I'll see what I can do," he says, smiling again.

The End

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