Damien: make him happyMature

I was a little more than surprised to see Rayn was visiting me for once. I'm just over halfway through my sentence now, and he's not been to see me once, because as far as I know, no one had actually told him I was here.

I sit down opposite him and he grins at me, ruffling my hair. "Silly boy," he says, "how did you end up getting caught?"

I shrug, "I dunno, I was too high to know what was going on." He chuckles and rests his chin on a lightly curled fist.

"So what's jail like?"

"Could be worse, I guess. Not that much different to school," I laugh a little at my own joke, ignoring the tiniest hint of bitterness in my voice. Rayn doesn't notice it at all, "except I can't get high, and I can't leave for another year and nine months."

"That's rough, man. How d'you cope with being away from the boyfriend?" A confused look flickers across my face for a moment before I realise he means Kyle. I'd stopped thinking of him as the boyfriend about two months after we went on the 'break'.

"Oh... We're not together anymore." Rayn's eyes widen.

"Seriously? What happened?"

"Me being in here was just too much of a strain on us, I guess. I couldn't really expect him to stay on his own for four years, but I still exploded when he cheated on me again. We're s'posed to be on a break, but we've talked like once in six months, so it's more like a split," I shrug, "I feel bad for him after seeing how down he was the other day, but it's just not gonna work out. At least not while I'm in here."

He leans over and kisses my forehead. "Maybe you can try patching things up when you get out."

"I won't be out for nearly two years. I don't want him to be so hung up on me." I rest my head on the table, sliding my arms under it as a cushion. He plays with my hair, leaving me to think about it for a while. My head buzzes and I decide I don't want to think about anything. I look up at him. "You're acting too much like a normal person. What's going on with you?"

He laughs, "nothing. I just haven't taken anything today. I'm trying to keep Kyle vaguely happy without him having the temptation to go back to relying on drugs."

"You're more thoughtful than I ever gave you credit for," I chuckle and he gives me this huge grin. "I hope you can make him happy again," I sigh, sitting up as the guard guy comes over to tell us our time is up.

"I'll try," he smiles, watching as I stand up and let the guy put the handcuffs on me. "See you later, pooface."

The End

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