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It was kind of nice having Caleb around, even if I did have to admit I was kinda maybe a tiny bit jealous of Alex. Maybe it was just me but it seemed like Caleb had calmed down a little since high school. Either way, having him around helped pass the time and I even started relaxing about the whole thing with Matt. Since Marcus had threatened him, I hadn't really seen or heard anything of Matt. And yet this strange masochistic part of me missed him. Or at least I missed the Matt I used to know. Sure, I missed the sex as well, but it was nice having someone to snuggle up to every now and then. My life is awesome, huh?

"Hey, isn't it time you went and saw Damien?" Caleb asked from his spot on Alex's lap. I nodded, wondering why a grin started to form on his smug little face. Guess who wanted to come visit Damien with me.


After a stupid amount of time spent fighting, I eventually agreed to let Caleb come with me, and the look of confusion on Damien's face when the two of us walked in said enough. I huggled Damien, doing my best not to notice Caleb being all puppy eyed behind me. Damien huggled back, glancing at the ginger over my shoulder as he kissed me.

"So who's this?" he asked, and I could tell he was trying not to jump to any conclusions.

"I'm Caleb" ginger grinned.

"He's an old friend"

"Oh. How comes I never knew about you before?" Damien asked and I shrugged slightly.

"Guess he slipped my mind" I'm hardly gonna say he's my ex, am I?

"I should be insulted by that" Caleb pouted.

"Oh..." Damien said, still sounding a little confused as he sat down.

"How're things?" I asked, sitting down as Caleb kept up the puppy eyes.

"Things are, y'know... Things, I guess. How're you doing?"

"Good. Matt hasn't been back in a while" I said, smiling a little.

Damien smiled back. "That guy's doing his job right then"

"Yeah" I chuckled.

"He's cute. Is he into guys?" Uh, Caleb, you have a boyfriend, remember?

"I dunno, I've never even seen the guy before" Damien shrugged.

"Man, you suck" Caleb pouted.

"I can't really meet and interview possible hired bodyguards in here, can I?" Damien said, laughing a little.

"What're you in here for anyways? Bimbo here wouldn't tell me" Caleb asked and I glared at him a little.

"Just for getting caught in possession of hard drugs, y'know, the usual"

Caleb paused for a second before grinning. "Awesome"

Damien chuckled. "Not really. Being in here sucks"

He looked at me, this kind of emo look on his face, and I took his hand in mine. He squeezed mine and leant on me, making Caleb comment on how cute we were. Damien hummed, nuzzling my neck and sneakily giving me a hickey. I giggled a little, feeling Caleb's eyes on us, and Damien smiled, snuggling up to me.

"I miss you so fucking much right now" I whispered, snuggling up to him.

"I miss you too" he whispered back.

"I miss the sex, too" I whispered a little huskily, trailing a finger down his chest.

Damien blushed a little, giggling, and I buried my head in his neck. He kissed the top of my head, cuddling me. I cuddled back, trailing my finger down just a little lower, and Damien glanced at Caleb, biting his lip. Caleb just sat there in blissful ignorance. I groped Damien slightly and he bit his lip harder.

"Reckon I could bribe them into letting me have my way with you for a few minutes?" I asked huskily and Damien blushed, giggling.

"You can try"

I grinned a little and went off to try and bribe the guards. I'd be more than thankful for five fucking minutes alone with him. It took a fair bit of money and persuasion but eventually they agreed to let me sneak off with Damien for half an hour.

"What about ginger?" Damien asked when I told him.

I looked at Caleb expenctantly and he made some big deal about it before leaving. I dunno what he said, I wasn't really paying attention.

"Where can we go?" Damien asked, not bothering to hide his stiffie.

"I hadn't thought about that"

Damien had an idea, then, and went off to bribe the guards into letting us fuck off to a bathroom together. He locked the door behind us, dropping to his knees and pulling my pants down, teasing me. I whined even though it felt fucking awesome. I moaned a little as he palmed me, biting my lip as he hummed and pulled down my boxers. I whined as he licked a stripe up my dick teasingly. He let out a giggle before getting to work. I s'pose that was one good thing about him being in prison. Fuck, that was selfish. A string of moans worked their way past my lips as he sucked, humming a little and fingerfucking me a little. My fingers tangled in his hair as I let out even more moans. Don't judge, I hadn't gotten any in a while. Damien stood, pressing his lips to mine in a hard kiss. I matched it and his lips moved to my neck, nibbling the skin slightly.

"Fuck me" he said huskily.

I didn't need telling twice. I pulled down his pants and boxers, flipping him over and fucking him hard.

"Thank you, gorgeous" he said when we were done, nuzzling me.

"Don't mention it" I said, kissing his forehead.

"I love you so much" he hummed.

"I love you too, gorgeous"

And we just stayed there and snuggled til I had to leave.

The End

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