Kyle: ExMature

I slumped on the couch when I got home. Marcus had gone to make himself a coffee and I’d curled up on the couch again. Call me an idiot or whatever but I kind of wanted to cal my ex. Not Danny, the ex no one else knew about. See, there was this guy Caleb. And he was ginger and hyperactive and childish and fucking hot. And apparently he fell hard for the quiet school bully that was me. We’d dated for just over a year and no one figured it out; not my friends, not his friends, not our parents. No one. And when we’d split, we’d pretty much taken an oath not to tell anyone we ever went out since the both of us were in the closet and all. Well, he wasn’t. People just chose to ignore him. We hadn’t really spoken since we split but I still had his number and he still had mine.

So I called him.

“Hello?” he answered his phone exactly the same way he used to, making it sound like more of a greeting than a question.

“Uh, hi. It’s Kyle” I said nervously, almost wishing I hadn’t called.

“Hey, it’s been a while. So, what did you want?”

“Um... Some stuff’s happened and... Well, I could do with a friend”

“You still living with your parents?”

“Nope, moved out” I chuckled.

“Like for serious? Wow, that’s so cool. So where are you living now? Are you on your own? Ooh, do you live in this sexy bachelor pad with all these chicks in bikinis dancing around your pool while it rains money? Holy shit, are you living in the playboy mansion? I fucking knew it” Caleb said excitedly and I tried not to laugh.

“No, I’m living in this place called Riverview”

“Never heard of it” he said brightly. “I’ll do my best to-” he stopped talking and I heard a guy grumbling in the background at Caleb’s end.

“Who’s that?” I asked cautiously.

“The boyfriend. I woke him up. Oops” Caleb giggled.

Something about Caleb having a boyfriend upset me. I mean, I’d known he’d move on and get with someone else but I guess it hadn’t seemed real up until that point. I guess you could say I was jealous of this mystery guy. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t still have feelings for Caleb or anything, it just felt weird knowing he was with someone else. Would he feel the same if he knew about me and Damien?

“Oh. Well, I can always call back if this is a bad time...”

“Nah, man, it’s fine. You said Riverview, right?”


“I’ll be there in five” he said happily and hung up, leaving me sitting there in shock.



I heard the knock at the door but Marcus had answered it before I had a chance to let him know who’d be at the door.

"Can I help?"

"Is this where Kyle lives?" I heard Caleb ask happily.

"Yes" Marcus said and looked at me from where he stood at the door.

"It's cool, let him in" I said, not bothering to get up from where I was sat on the couch.

"What about the guy with him?"

I frowned. "What guy?" I couldn’t see past the door from where I was sat and I’d only had Caleb.

"Tall, dark hair, blue eyes"

"You didn't tell me he had a bodyguard" I heard some other guy say, sounding kind of amused. Was this the boyfriend, maybe?

"No idea" I said, getting up and moving so I could see out the door.

"I didn't know he had a bodyguard. He's kinda cute, though" Caleb giggled, winking at Marcus.

The other guy punched Caleb’s arm gently and Marcus asked "Want me to let him in?"

"I was just dropping him off, I don't have to come in" the guy said and I shrugged.

"I don't mind"

"C'mon, cutie, let us in already. I wanna give my little snookums a hug" Caleb said and Marcus let them in.

Caleb jumphuggled me the second he was through the door and I had to fight to keep my balance. He grinned at me, planting baby kisses on my cheeks and lips while the other guy hung back a little.

“Aren’t you gonna introduce me?” I said as I hugged Caleb back.

He shook his head, giggling and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Remember how I said he was childish?

“I’m Alex” the guy smiled and I smiled back.


“Nice to meet you”

“You too. Um, Caleb, you can let go now”

Alex laughed and Caleb eventually let go, sort of pushing Alex onto the couch and sitting on his lap. Well, this wasn’t going to be too awkward...

The End

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