Damien: kiss and make upMature

"My ass hurts," I whine, gingerly sitting down on my bunk. Nathan looks up and shrugs.

"I told you not to ask favours from that guy," he reminds me as I lie down, deciding that somehow, that'll be less sore.

"Thanks for the sympathy there, man," I mutter kinda irritably, "just 'cause you're still bitter about me telling you me and Kyle went back to being exclusive, doesn't mean you can't be nice to me."

"Can you blame me? I was kinda expecting it to last until the end of our sentence, not just a few months only to call it off just 'cause you can," he sort of snaps at me and even though he's on the bunk above me out of sight, I can imagine perfectly the look of anger and hurt on his face.

"I already told you, I called it off for Kyle's safety. I don't want some asshole hitting my boyfriend, especially when I can't really do anything for him." I also told him that given our circumstances, it wasn't as if sex was off limits, and I'd still be there for him same as before. In fact, hardly anything has changed apart from Nathan's attitude towards me.

"How was calling it off gonna help him, asshole?"

"What other excuse could he use to get rid of the guy? 'Sorry, my jailed boyfriend doesn't like you, it's over'?"

"Oh fuck off, I'm sure you could've thought of something good that didn't involve calling it off."

I get up, ignoring my body's feeble protests as I climb a couple steps up the little ladder. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? I just did what I thought was right. I didn't mean to end up hurting you." He looks over at me, the look on his face matching the one I'd expected. "C'mon, man. Please forgive me?"

He rolls over, facing the wall and I roll my eyes, climbing up into his bunk and lying down with him. I wrap one arm over his waist and rest my head in the crook of his neck. "Please?" I pull my puppy eyes, knowing the tone of my voice would tell him to at least turn and look at me.

Which he does. I keep up the puppy eyes, and he shifts onto his back, still looking at me. "I still wanna be with you," he tells me quietly and I sigh, dropping the puppy face.

"Y'know what? I still wanna be with you too, Nathan, but Kyle is my priority, he's the only reason I'm even alive, you gotta understand that." He nods, and kisses my cheek.

"I do understand that. It doesn't make it any easier, though."

"Can we at least kiss and make up? I hate all this hostile bullshit. I miss snuggling up with you too." He hesitates for a moment, almost looking like he's gonna say no and push me out of the bed. I sort of prepare myself for it, so it's kind of a surprise when his lips push gently on mine, waiting for some kind of reaction. Humming, I kiss back, glad that at least I have one of my problems fixed.

The other is just to find out how Kyle's doing.

The End

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