Damien: Christmas probationMature

It wasn't exactly hard to bribe the probation officer to let me stay the night with Kyle. Nathan, bless him, helped me out too.

"I want you to have a really good Christmas," he said to me one night, his fingers tangled gently in my hair as we snuggled up on the bunk for the night. I offered to help him bribe his officer so he could stay longer with his family, but apparently it wouldn't be worth it 'cause his family were still all awkward and kinda bitchy about him having done drugs.

For a blowjob, I was allowed to go get something small for Kyle's present with what little money I had left over. I'd pretty much forgotten how expensive stuff is outside of jail, and nearly had a hissy fit when I realised all I could really afford was a cheap box of chocolates and a crappy little card.


The probation officer drops me off at the apartment, where Kyle is waiting outside. I practically run over to him and I'm greeted with a smotherhuggle, that I return enthusiastically. I barely notice the officer leave, too busy kissing, and being kissed.

"I missed you so fucking much," he says.

"I missed you too," I reply, burying my head in his neck. He kisses the top of my head, somehow managing to hug me even tighter. "Shall we go inside then?" I suggest. He nods and picks me up, carrying me inside. I giggle, clinging to him a little bit. It feels weird being picked up for something other than being thrown at a wall.

Once we're inside, he doesn't put me down, like I kind of expected him to. Can't say I'm complaining though. I plant lots of little kisses on his lips and whatever else of him I can reach. He returns the kisses than go on his lips and grins.

"It feels so good to have you back," he says spinning us around a little. I instinctively tighten my grip on him, but I grin back anyways, nodding.

"It's good to be back." He kisses me, putting me down after a while.

"I got you a present. It's kinda crappy though, I didn't really have any money."

"I'll love it anyway," he smiles "I got you something as well." I pull out my unwrapped box of chocolates and the card and hand them to him. He smiles again, "thank you," he plants a kiss on my lips and hands me my present and a card. I pull the paper off, revealing a much nicer box of chocolates and a better card. I blush a little bit at the crapness of my present, thanking him and wrapping him in another hug.

We snuggle and to be honest, I'm quite happy just enjoying the snuggle.

"You okay?" he asks after a while.

"Yeah. Just enjoying being at home with you," I smile and he hums, kissing the top of my head. I nuzzle him, letting out a hum of my own. He flicks on the TV, flipping through the channels til he finds one showing some cutesy Christmas movie. I snuggle up to him more, resting my head on his shoulder as we settle down to watch it. He eats some of the chocolates I got him, his eyes fixed on the screen. I sneak a few looks at him, doing my best to memorize his face outside of the visiting rooms.

After a while, there's a knock on the door. I glance at Kyle as he gets up to answer it.

"What're you doing here?" Kyle's voice attracts my attention, and I look around, trying to see who's at the door.

"Thought you said I could come round?" an unfamiliar voice says from the doorway. I'm guessing this is Matt.

Kyle nods, "And then I said not to bother since Damien was gonna be here."

"Oh well, I'm here now," he says with a shrug, and pushes past Kyle. I look between them, wondering what the fuck to do. My first thought is one that is pure prison mentality and that's the beat the fuck out of him. The second is to stay put and keep quiet. I stick with the latter until Matt decides to sit down on the couch. I get up, noticing the frown on Kyle's face.

"Get out," Kyle demands.

"Why? It's not like you were doing anything." Is this guy for real? Kyle glares at him, but Matt doesn't seem to notice. I just watch them.

"For a matter of fact, we were watching a movie. Now fuck off," Kyle tells him.

"You weren't telling me to fuck off last night," he smirks. I feel my stomach twist and so my best to keep my face blank. Kyle rolls his eyes.

"Whatever. Just get lost."

Matt waves at me, ignoring Kyle completely. "Hey, I'm Matt."

"I guessed," I mutter quietly.

"So you must be Damien, huh? Not what I expected." Kyle's glare returns as he grabs Matt;s collar and pulls him up.

"Get the fuck out of my apartment."

"What did you expect?" I ask before I can stop myself.

"Someone better looking." I have to use practically all of my will power to keep myself from punching him. The last thing I want is to get in trouble while I'm allowed out of jail. Kyle starts trying to drag him to the door, while I force myself to stay put. "Yeah, definitely better looking. And less of a pussy, for that matter."

"Seriously, Matt, get the fuck out before    I     punch you," Kyle threatens, and I grit my teeth, trying to figure out if he'd squeal if I beat him up. Matt doesn't leave, and I can see Kyle's nearly on the verge of tears. That fucking does it. I shove Matt out into the hallway, pinning him up against the wall.

"I'll tell you now, I'm not being a pussy, I'm just trying not to give anyone any reason to stop me from having more probation time, okay? Now piss off before I decide I don't care enough about it." He glares at me.

"I bet you really enjoy it in prison, don't you? You seem like the type that would."

"Mhm, I really love it in there. It's like a fucking holiday resort. Now get the fuck out of here," I throw him to the floor. He stays there for a while, glaring at me. I just watch him til he fucks off. Kyle's sat on the couch when I get back inside. I shut the door behind me and join him. "Are you okay?"

He lets out a sigh, "yeah. Sorry about that."

"It's okay." He flashes me a tiny smile.

"Where were we?" he asks kinda weakly.

"I believe we were snuggled up for the movie and you were eating those chocolates I got you," I smile, kissing his cheek. 


The End

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