Damien: the new unitMature

The new unit certainly beats the other one. Fuck, finally being able to talk to that gorgeous boy properly and to be able to hug him and touch him - I'll pay any bribe if I can keep that. I'd honestly let them beat me to shit in solitary for a month as long as I could still see and touch him.

Only problem is not really knowing anyone in here. And I kinda miss having Nathan in my cell to be honest. I mean, I know it's weird that he likes me and all, but I felt strangely close to happy when he hugged me after a visit or when he thinks I'm asleep and he's watching me.

I shake my head, trying to clear it a little. Why am I thinking so seriously about having Nathan moved over here? That was just a joke...

Or maybe it wasn't. It's hard to tell when you're already planning his move over.

It went pretty smooth, all things considered. There were a lot of sexual favours involved, but it was hardly something I'm not used to. And it was worth it to get Nathan back in my cell.

"I thought you would've been glad to get rid of me," he smiled a little, clearly trying to hide a bigger grin.

"I didn't miss your snoring," I joke, bringing out a blush on his face. However embarrassing it might be to snore, it can't be as embarrassing as sleep-talking about your cell mate. Actually I think that helped me sleep more than anything else he did. I mean, I know it's a bit weird but falling asleep listening to how much, and how highly someone thinks of you is always gonna be a bit of a mood booster.

"Well I missed you at any rate," he tells me, "it was kind of creepy having a cell to myself." He gives me that look like he wants to hug me, and I'm hardly going to argue against it.

He puts his pillow down on the bed and wraps his arms around me like there's no tomorrow. I feel his lips press against my neck ever so slightly in a way that sort of says 'I forgot myself for a moment, but I remembered just a little bit too late' I don't say anything. To be honest, I was getting too lonely in here to really give a fuck about him liking me too much anymore.


It became pretty clear pretty quickly that I was the only person in this unit that Nathan knew, and that unlike me, prison does not bring out his violent side. Sometimes I wonder if he even has one.

I'm not entirely sure how or even why I practically became his body guard so he didn't get beat up too much, to be honest. Maybe it was the fantastic blowjobs he gave me every night in way of payment. Or maybe just because he was a good friend when I needed him even when I'd been a total ass to him before.

After a couple weeks of this, I'd saved him from a pretty bad beating - both of us had ended up in the medical wing. I'd gotten the worst of it, mostly because I'd interfered. Nathan wouldn't stop apologising or thanking me.

After lights out, we'd been sent back to our cell and he was still fucking apologising.

"C'mere," I tell him, "if you wanna thank me, then do it properly." He nods a little and drops to his knees. I lie down, putting my arms under my head and relax a little as he undoes my pants gently, taking care not to knock the ugly bruises on my skin. I hum as he goes down on me, taking me into his mouth like he's enjoying being so incredibly close to me. I buck my hips up a little, moaning as his tongue flicks over me in well practised moves that he knows will drive me insane if he keeps doing them.

I tangle my fingers in his hair, my eyes closed. As his name drips from my lips in another moan for the first time, he hesitates. It takes me a moment to realise why. I've always moaned out Kyle's name before, not Nathan's.

He grins up at me for a second, before going back down on me with more enthusiasm than I've ever seen from him. After a couple moments more, I pull him up for a long, hard kiss. I pull his shirt off, littering his neck and shoulders in kisses.

"Fuck me," I whisper between kisses.

"I thought you only bottomed to get something," he mumbles, a look of adorable confusion on his face.

"I do. I don't think any of them realise I enjoy subbing though," I keep my voice quiet so only he can hear me, a grin on my face as I tell him this. I go back to kissing him and within seconds his movements go from kind of confused still, to certain and purposeful.

He pushes me down on the bed and straddles me, his own hard on straining against his pants. I reach down and tease it a little. He pulls off my shirt and stuffs the corner of it in my mouth to keep me quiet so we don't wake any one up. I undo his pants and push them down, watching as he sucks his fingers and stretches me. I wriggle impatiently and he chuckles, lubing himself up. He takes his sweet old time about it, but it's worth the wait, 'cause fuck is he good in bed.

The End

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