Kyle: StrangerMature

I’d gone and sat on the first bench I found once mine and Damien’s time was up. People glanced at me as they walked by but showed no more concern for me. I sat there in tears, feeling more alone than ever. I watched all the people’s feet walk past me, none of them giving two shits whether I was okay. Which was why I was kind of curious when I saw a pair of feet stop in front of me, turning to face me.

“Why are you crying?” I heard someone ask.

I looked up and saw a guy with shaggy blonde hair looking down at me curiously.

“I get it, I’m a guy, I’m not s’posed to cry. Jeez, you don’t have to wind me up about it” I sniffled defensively, wiping my eyes and trying to stop my tears.

“That wasn’t what I said” he frowned a little, sitting next to me. “So, why are you crying?”

“None of your business”

He smiled at me. “You’re too pretty to be crying”

I blushed a little at that. Great, the one person that cares is just trying to score. I sniffled again and he frowned again.

“C’mon, tell me why you’re crying”

“My boyfriend’s gonna be in prison for the next four years”

“My ex used to be in the army so I kinda know how you feel, but not really. Sorry”

I glanced at him curiously. He hadn’t even asked what Damien was in for when most people would have wanted to know the second I mentioned prison. Not because they cared, just because it was gossip. He hadn’t even judged me for having a boyfriend. Who was this guy? He caught me looking at him and smiled, his green eyes full of light. I blushed again and looked at my feet, hearing him chuckle.

“What happened to your ex?” I asked kind of curiously.

“She died”

“Shit. I’m sorry”

“I’m totally kidding” he smiled, “No, it was a mutual break up. We’re still good friends, y’know?”

I nodded, not really understanding. It would’ve been nice if me and Danny were still friends...

“So, tell me about this boyfriend” he smiled.


“Well... What’s his name? What does he look like? What does he do for a living? Stuff like that”

“Oh... Um, his name’s Damien and he’s... Well, he was in a band before...y’know...” the guy nodded, still smiling.

Before long I was telling this total stranger all about the things me and Damien had gotten up to, the good times and the bad times, the shit we’d been through and how we’d been strong enough to pull through it. He just smiled and nodded the entire time. It was... It was kind of nice.

“He sounds like a great guy” he said once I was done.

“He is” I grinned, proud of my gorgeous boyfriend.

This guy smiled a little more. “See, you’re not crying now”

I thought about it for a second and sure enough, the tears had stopped and I felt better than I had in weeks. I smiled a little at that.

“Thanks” I said.

“No problem. Like I said, you’re too pretty to be crying”

I blushed again. What was with that? I mean, he’d said he had a girlfriend and I guess he could’ve been bi but...

“Well, I better be off” he said cheerfully, getting up.

“Gonna tell me your name?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

He smiled. “It’s Matt”


“Nice to meet you, Kyle. I’m sure I’ll see you again next week” he said, and went on his way.

The End

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