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One thing I've learnt about jail since I've been here: it takes months to build up a reputation for yourself that you're happy with, and a matter of hours for other people to make one for you. I s'pose that's true of anywhere, really, but nowhere else focuses on who's good to top in bed quite so much.

I'm not entirely sure how anyone found out about that, to be honest. Maybe in the rare couple hours that I get some sleep I talked about it or something. ‘Cause that's another thing. Abstaining from using sex to get favours leaves you feeling kinda... frustrated.

But to be honest, I felt better keeping my hands to myself and staying loyal to Kyle than going ahead and fucking anyone who preferred getting laid for a favour.

At least that's what I thought. The few guys who had been giving me the sticky eye the last couple weeks have started being more forward about it. There's only three of them in the whole unit - that I've noticed - but it's enough to unnerve me a little bit. I'm as much a sucker for sex as I am for drugs. And when I can't have one...

Well, let's just say the few times I've had any attention paid to me in the showers, it's been hard to hide the effect it has on me.


I can't tell if I'm beginning to dread shower time, or look forward to it. Josh, one of the guys who's been giving me a load of attention, walks past me, slapping my ass as he goes with a smirk on his face. I strip off, doing my best to keep my face straight and the blush off my cheeks as I feel his eyes on me. I glance over at him, our gazes meeting for a moment. He grins and steps under one of the showers. I go to take one of the ones away from him, but each time I do, they get taken.

Keeping my eyes fixed on the wall in front of me, I go to one of the showers right next to him. I can still feel him staring at me.

"Feel free to stop looking at my cock any time, pal," I say sarcastically, earning myself a chuckle from him. He looks away, at last, but I somehow get the uneasy feeling I'm gonna pay for that later on.

Once I'm out of the shower, I hurry to get dressed again and pretty much run to the phone. Time to see if she'll come and bail me out.


I spend my whole allotted phone time just listening to her crying and shouting at me.

"So is that a ‘no'?" I ask.

"You can bet your fucking life it's a no, Damien!" she yells and hangs up. Well that didn't go quite to plan. I trudge back to my cell, feeling just a little bit dejected.

"You look like you could do with some cheering up," a voice says from within my cell. I look up, expecting to see Aaron. Instead, I'm met with the sight of Josh. Oh, great.

"I could do with being left alone."

"I wanna cheer you up, though."

"You wanna get laid, so go fuck one of the other guys."

"But you're all new and shiny," he purrs. His eyes are on my crotch again as he pulls me inside of the cell roughly, pushing me up against the wall opposite the bunk beds. He pushes himself up against me, his bony figure almost reminding me of Kyle's. His hands snake down to my hips and grip them tightly enough to feel at least like a bruise is going to be left behind.

He pushes his lips to mine, and though I don't kiss back, he doesn't seem to care too much.

"C'mon. Stop being such a good boy for your little housewife. He can hardly expect you to avoid being fucked when you're gonna be in here four years," he laughs. I feel my cheeks redden as he flips me around, pushing up against me again, humming a little as he slaps my ass. "You're cute, y'know? Nice ass." I rest my head against the wall, closing my eyes as I feel something in my pants beginning to stir. He keeps up the teasing abuse until he knows he'll get his way with me. He chuckles slightly at the tent in my pants, stroking and palming it, kissing my neck and shoulders, slipping one hand in below my boxers.

Well, if this is what the next four years is gonna be like, I might as well get used to it, eh?


The End

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