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I resisted the urge to roll my eyes as Damien lay in bed, refusing to get up and get ready. His band had a gig and apparently it was my job to make sure Damien actually showed up.

"Get up" I said, prodding him. He just pouted and I prodded him again.

"You know what's gonna be there tonight? Drugs. You know who's gonna be offered them? Me. I'm not going. I'm not ready to turn them down when they're being shoved at me"

I nodded slightly. "I'm sure I can keep your mind of it, though"

He wrapped himself up in the comforter and I rolled my eyes, sitting on him. I smiled at him as he looked up at me but he still wasn’t planning on getting out of bed anytime soon so I prodded him again. He whined.

"Please, gorgeous"

"You promise to stop me from doing anything stupid?"

I nodded. He still didn’t look at that happy about it but he got up, at least. I kissed him, earning myself a kiss back. I made the bed as he got dressed, sitting down on the couch once I was done. I heard Damien making something to eat in the kitchen and flicked through the TV stations, wondering if there was anything decent on. I stole some of Damien’s food as he joined but he seemed more worried about the drugs than about me eating his food. "I tell you what, if it gets too much for you we can leave, 'kay?"

He sighed a little, nodding and I flashed him a tiny smile. I kissed the top of his head as he leant it on my shoulder. He gave me what was left of his food and I ate it, kind of concerned as he just sat there in silence. He didn’t really notice and I took his hand, smiling as I felt him squeeze mine. He smiled back kind of nervously and I wrapped my arms around him.

"Everything'll be fine, I promise"

He hugged back. "Yeah. I think I'm about as nervous about the gig as I am about the drugs, to be honest" he chuckled a little. "It's been too long since I was on stage"

I laughed slightly and we stayed like that til it was time to go.


I kept an eye on Damien, and the rest of the band for that matter. He’d already been offered some weed to calm him down but I hadn’t let him have any. He did his best to ignore the others sharing a joint and I snuggled up to him, doing my best to try and distract him. He hugged me, pressing his lips to mine. I kissed back, smiling as he hummed.

"See? I told you things'd be fine"

He nodded, almost smiling back at me. I frowned a little at that but he was too busy being yelled at to go practice to notice it. I giggled and he gave me a quick kiss, going off to practice. I watched them, having never actually heard them play before. They weren’t half bad.

The other guys fucked off backstage once they were finished practicing and Damien came back over to me. I smiled at him and he mirrored it.

"You guys are good"

"Thanks" he said, blushing a little.

I giggled at the light pink dusting his cheeks.


"You really are cute when you blush, y'know?" I smiled, giggling again as he blushed more.

He buried his head in my neck and I planted a kiss on the top of it.

"We should probably go backstage or something. They're gonna start letting people in soon" he said as the support band were getting ready.

I held his hand as he led me backstage. I can’t say I’d ever really been that bothered about music so all this was new to me. I didn’t really say much to any of the others, happy to just sit there snuggling with Damien. I kissed back when his lips met mine and one of the other guys told us to get a room. I laughed and Damien whined, slouching against me. I giggled a little, kissing him on the cheek. Which was when I heard the others talking about whether or not me and Damien looked cute together. I listened in, as did Damien. They sort of looked at us and went all giggly.

"What?" I asked.

"Nathan's fangirling over how cute you two look together" one of the guys laughed.

A guy who I could only guess was Nathan rolled his eyes and I giggled a little.


Damien went back to snuggling with me and I hummed, burying my head in his neck, almost tempted to give him a hickey. He kissed the top of my head and I decided it might be worthwhile giving him that hickey. He whined and the others just laughed. I kissed the mark on his neck and he tilted his head a little. I nibbled at his neck lightly and he bit his lip. I laughed as we were told more seriously to get a room.

"Well we could but you might not get him back in time" I said, making the others laugh and Damien blush.

I smirked. Damien crossed his legs and I smirked a little more when I realised he was busy trying to persuade a semi to go down.

"There's so many things I wanna do to you right now" I whispered in his ear.

The others looked on curiously as Damien blushed more. I left it at that, figuring I’d cut him some slack. He stayed a tiny bit red til the situation in his pants had sorted itself out. The others were sharing another joint by this point and I played with Damien’s hair. He sighed slightly.

"You okay?"


I was exactly convinced and he closed his eyes. C’mon, gorgeous, don’t shut me out like that.

"Back in a sec" I said, kissing his cheek.

"Where're you going?"


I went off to pee and came back to a slightly calmer Damien. Three guesses why he’d calmed down. I smiled at him anyway and he smiled back. I was happy to just sit and snuggle and apparently so was Damien since we stayed like that til it was time for the guys to go on stage. Damien kissed me and I kissed back.

"I'll see you in a bit" he smiled and I nodded, smiling back.

I watched them play from the side of the stage, a tiny bit unnerved by this one guy in the crowd that seemed more interested in me than the band. I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in Damien but I guess there was nothing I could do about it, really. The guys came backstage again once they’d finished their set. My eyes were on the floor. I glanced at Damien who was busy watching everybody else have a couple lines of coke.

"Why is this so hard?" he whined.

"Because it is"

I looked at the floor again, following Damien after a while when he walked out. I found him sat on the ground being emo. I sat with him, not entirely sure what to say. I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt.

He sighed, curling up on his side.“Sorry"

"For what?"

"For not being strong enough" he said quietly.

"It's okay"

The two of us were silent for a while. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about it and I didn’t want to risk fucking things up.

Damien glanced over at me. "I swear I'm trying. You know that, right?"

I nodded.

“Sorry” he said and went back inside after a while. I guess he’d had enough of me being silent or something.

I sighed, lying down on my back and looking up at the sky.

“Hey” I heard someone say and looked up to see none other than the guy who’d been staring at me.

The End

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