Kyle: TeasingMature

I sank back on the couch once we got back home, knowing exactly what kind of effect dinner would’ve had on Damien. I’m a bitch, what can I say? Damien snuggled up to me and I played with his hair, kind of wanting him to make the first move this time cause admittedly, that bitch of a woman at the table next to us was partly why I sucked him off under the table. Sure I did it cause I missed being with him as well but y’know.

He leant over and kissed me and I kissed back, wondering if it was him making the first move or whether he was just hinting. His hands moved to my hips as he intensified the kiss, trying and failing at being a good boy. I hummed, matching the pressure. He slipped a hand under my shirt and I hummed again, trailing a finger down his back. He shivered a little, smiling at me and I smiled back, wondering just how mean I could be. He kissed me hard again and I kissed back kind of lazily, almost pretending to have lost interest in the whole thing. He traced shapes on my back underneath my shirt and I had to fight back the smile that threatened to burst onto my lips as it tickled, sending shivers dancing long my spine.

“I’m kinda tired” I said, faking a tiny yawn.

This sort of disappointed look flashed through Damien’s eyes before he gave me a little smile. I smiled back, planting a baby of a kiss on his lips. He returned the kiss and I stood up, pulling Damien along with me to the bedroom. He didn’t put up a fight, just as I’d expected. I pushed him down on the bed, smirking a little as I shut the door behind me. He watched as I straddled him, his hands gripping my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him hard. He almost matched it and I bit his lip a little, smiling at the slight moan it produced. I undid the first button of his shirt, almost curious as to how he’d react. He pulled out the impatient face and tried to get my shirt off. I didn’t let him, undoing another of his buttons. He shifted his hips a little and I smirked, using my knees to keep them still. Poor baby must’ve been getting a little uncomfortable in those skinny jeans. I teased him a little, forcing a moan out of him. I hummed, stopping with the teasing. I kissed him slowly, almost proud of him for putting up with my teasing. He matched it, a tiny bit impatient. I stripped myself, humming as he kissed my chest.

“I love you so fucking much”

“I love you too” he said between kisses.

I stripped him with a smile and he helped out of sheer impatience, bless him. I lubed up and set up a steady rhythm, my lips rarely disconnecting from his.

The End

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