Damien: blushingMature

He lifts my chin up and presses his lips against mine. I kiss back, doing my best to block out that woman mumbling "disgusting" just loud enough for us to both hear. I look around again, still trying to ignore the fact that I'd only a few times been somewhere posher than a fast food chain.

Kyle notices this, and giggles. "If you think this is posh you should see the place I work at."

"Yeah, well I don't tend to eat anywhere better than KFC or McDonald's," I laugh a little.

"Clearly I need to treat you more often," he smiles.

"But then how would I be able to treat you, hmm? I don't know any good places to take you."

"Well sex is always nice," he giggles. The woman on the next table puts her knife and fork down, a look of sheer disgust creasing her face. I end up blushing all over again, from a mix of embarrassment that Kyle just said that out loud in public, and from the hatred directed at us from the woman. He glares at her again, and I bury my head in his neck, waiting for my cheeks to stop being so red.

"Just ignore her," I mumble, my voice coming out all muffled where I didn't move.

"I'm trying." I stay there with my face pressed into his neck until I'm confident I'm not blushing anymore. "Y'know, you're kinda cute when you blush," Kyle tells me the moment I lift my head back up, causing me to blush again. Seriously? Did you really have to do that? He lets out another giggle. "Keep doing it and I might have to disappear under the table for a few minutes." So what does my face do? It gets even redder than it already was. Wonderful. He giggles at me some more, playing with my hair.

"You're mean."

He laughs. "How? I've just said I'll suck you off if you keep blushing. That's more than nice in my books."

"Because you know it'll only make me sit here blushing for the rest of the evening." He kisses my head and makes like he's about to get under the table. I think my face is about to explode. "Maybe once the food's here, eh?"

"Maybe," I laugh slightly, putting my head on his shoulder. We sit there like that for a couple more minutes til the food gets here. We both tuck in, and I nearly forget about Kyle telling me he's gonna give me head in public. Until he slips down under the table when he's nearly halfway through his food, that is.

I attempt to keep eating as he undoes my jeans kinda teasingly. It's at that point I stop eating and just sit there trying to stop my face from exploding, though to be honest, I don't think I'm all that red - all my blood's gone south, funnily enough. He starts sucking and I bite down on my lip, trying to keep my face as natural as possible. Which is kinda hard when you're trying your hardest to hold back a moan. Apparently, Kyle can tell, and sucks a little harder.

I thread my hand through his hair and he hums, knowing exactly what that does to me. I grip his hair a little bit tighter in an effort to keep my moaning in my head, but he sucks even harder. By this point, my breathing's gotten kinda heavy and the woman's full on glaring at me now, but I'm beyond the point of caring. I shift in my seat a little, trying to turn a tiny moan that somehow slips out into a cough.

The woman goes all suspicious, but Kyle hums again. "Fuck," I mutter, hearing a little giggle from between my legs. He sucks even harder, and I can't hold back my moan anymore. I let it out as I come, hoping it was just quiet enough for people to not hear, though I don't think I managed to keep a straight face. Kyle swallows it all down and does my pants back up before resurfacing. Needless to say, I'm blushing again, and just a tiny bit breathless.  

"Enjoying your meal so far?" he asks, smiling. I nod, smiling back. "Good," he says, going back to his food. "Do you want dessert?" he questions when we're both nearly done eating.

"Depends on what's on offer," I tell him with a little chuckle. He smirks and we both finish eating. I watch him slouching down in his seat a little. We share a kiss while the woman's looking elsewhere. I know I shouldn't care, but I hardly wanna be glared at when I'm trying to kiss my boyfriend, y'know?

"Are you gonna have dessert?" I ask.

He flashes me another little smirk. "Like you said, it depends what's on offer." I chuckle and he smiles, stretching. "I'm not sure about dessert, I'm kinda full up"

"Maybe we should go home, then," I hum quietly, still feeling just a little bit horny. Just a little bit.


The End

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