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Guess what. I’m not insane.

Despite Mom’s best efforts, I got my transfer. And if I’m honest, I think the folks at the crazy house were pleased to see the back of me. Sure, I stopped being so much of a bitch when I realised they’d get me whatever the fuck I asked for but I still didn’t exactly want to be there.

So, once I got to the hospital, Campbell appeared. And the star that he is got me discharged pretty much the same day. Because I’m not insane. See, if people had listened to me in the first place we could’ve saved a lot of time.

I have to admit, I got kind of worried as I left the place, though. Since Mom disowned me and all, that’d mean I’d have to sort out my own health insurance. Don’t get me wrong, I could manage that fine, it’s just... Well, the whole worrying about money thing was what sent me over the edge last time and I didn’t exactly want that to happen again.


I smiled a little as I knocked on mine and Damien’s front door. I hadn’t had a chance to call him and let him know I was coming home since, y’know, I didn’t have my phone to call him. Or my wallet to use a payphone. Or my keys for that matter, hence why I was knocking on the door. I frowned a little when there was no answer and knocked again.

But there was still no answer. Fuck.

“Damien?” I sort of shouted through the door, already expecting the worst. “Babe, you in?” I asked when there was no answer.

All I got in response to that was a thud. O...kay then, that’s not too weird or anything. I couldn’t help but get a little worried when it took him ages to answer the door. I looked down when there was no one stood behind the door once it was open and saw Damien sat on the floor. I smiled down at him, kneeling down as this kind of confused look spread across his face.

“What’re you doing on the floor?”

"I fell off the sofa and couldn't be bothered to get up"

I chuckled but this sort of emo look crept onto his face.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, frowning.

He looked away from me. “I get it, you’ve come to get your stuff”

“Huh?” Since when?

"You weren’t in a loony bin, were you? It was just like a cover to get away from me for a bit"

What? Babe, you’re starting to sound like me when I’m paranoid and delusional. He was too emo and on the verge of tears to notice my confusion so I did the only thing I could think of and wrapped him in a hug.

"Why would I want to get away from you, silly?" I asked, laughing slightly when he leant his head on my shoulder.

"I dunno, but you were gone so long" he sniffled as he hugged back tightly.

I moved a hand up to play with his hair. "I know. I'm sorry I didn't call or anything"

He sniffled again.

"I promise I won't leave you like that again"

He was too busy clinging to me to reply. And I honestly didn’t care, I was just happy to be back with him. He clung to me as I carried him to the couch after a while. I planted a baby of a kiss on his lips and he kissed back.

"I missed you so much" I sort of nuzzled him.

"I missed you too. I kept waiting for you but i think that i probably just made it worse for myself" he laughed slightly.

"Probably" I laughed as well.

He buried his head in my neck. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed that.

"At least we won't have to deal with my mom from now on" I said kind of grumpily and Damien pulled out the curious face. "She, uh, she kinda said she'd disown me unless I left you"

"M'sorry 'bout that, gorgeous" he said with a baby of a kiss.

“It's fine" I smiled. I honestly couldn’t care less if it made my life that little bit easier.

He didn’t seem convinced but either way, he didn’t put up a fight about it. I kissed the top of his head and smiled.

"Let me get changed and we can go out or something" Since, y’know, they did kinda drag me off the loony bin without giving me a chance to pack any clothes or anything.


“It’s up to you”

He shrugged. "I should have a shower first if I'm gonna be leaving the apartment" he gave me this weak smile and I tutted, trying not to giggle. He got up to go shower, then.

And needless to say, I followed him.

The End

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