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Phil was, needless to say, not happy about me wanting to go back to having an exclusive relationship with Kyle. Yes, I love him, but I love Kyle more. He promised that he would rip Kyle's balls off if he ever hurt me again.

He also offered to help us move into a new apartment when we found one we could afford. I could tell Kyle wasn't happy about it, even though he accepted the offer. To be honest, I'd have accepted whether or not Kyle did - it saved us from having to go back for anything.

He parks his car outside with the first load of stuff, most of it Kyle's from the apartment. Needless to say, given that I'd broken up with Phil over the phone a few days earlier, it's kinda awkward for all of us. Kyle holds my hand, but Phil insists on handing us both boxes that require the use of both hands to carry.

Kyle doesn't quite pull his weight while we're shifting boxes, and I can almost hear Phil's internal ranting about him. Thankfully once everything's inside, he doesn't say much more than a goodbye to me and a promise to keep in touch. He doesn't say anything to Kyle at all, but it's better than some snide comment, I guess.


Maybe a week or so after we moved in, we're sort of settling, but neither of us have a job yet and money's getting tight. Phil comes over every night to uh... help us out a bit. Kyle's better at this cold turkey thing than I am. That said, I've been hooked a lot longer than he has. And... well, I'm beginning to think Kyle's mom was right that my mom's just given up on me. She's not called or anything, or seemed to care that I've moved out without any sort of warning.

I try to keep these thoughts at bay as I look around online for some studios nearby that I could session at. Kyle watches me looking, and apparently notices that I'm getting just a little bit restless. Aside from not being able to find any work, I need a hit, and Phil's not gonna be here for a while yet.

"Relax," he says, kissing my cheek. I whine, letting him pull me into a hug. I give up looking for a job, too, cuddling back. "You'll find something, gorgeous," he kisses the top of my head and I rest it on his chest, pouting kinda childishly.

"Before or after we completely run out of money?" ‘Cause it's not like our parents are gonna help us out. His mom's still being a homophobic bitch and his dad seems to have no spine at all, and we all know what my dad will say if I ask him to help us out. Mom would offer her help if she was willing.

"Ideally before."

"And realistically?" I ask. I'm answered by a sigh and I close my eyes, attempting to ignore the itch crawling across my skin like the calm before the storm of withdrawal pains.

"I'll go out and ask around again tomorrow. There's gotta be at least one job around here."

"Mmm," I hum.

"On the plus side I can work more hours now I don't have to worry about school." I nod a little, cuddling him tighter as a wave of nausea tugs at me.

"Where's Phil?" I groan.

"I don't know. Want me to call him?" the sickness passes and I shake my head, feeling just a little bit pathetic. He holds me a little closer and I let out a tiny laugh.

"If you can go cold turkey, I can deal with the cravings til he gets here." He gives me a small smile.

The minutes slink past at a stupidly slow pace and aside from a couple of whines as cramp or nausea take over, the room is totally silent.

"What took you so long?" Kyle glares at Phil a bit.

"Traffic jam. There was an accident or something," he shrugs. Kyle keeps up the glare as he walks over and kneels down next to me, stroking my hair. Folding his arms, he watches as Phil cooks up a hit and injects it for me. Did I mention he's still glaring?

Phil looks over at him, sighing a little when he sees the kinda grumpy look on his face.


"Nothing." Kyle watches as he stands up. "Need anything else?"

"Not that I know of."

Nodding, he says goodbye to me and makes his own way out. The second he's out of the door, Kyle resumes our cuddle, and though I cuddle back, I can't help feeling a little disappointed that I'm not as high as I want to be. Noticing this, Kyle lets out a baby of a sigh, kissing the top of my head. I return it with a kiss on the neck.

"Love you," he says.

"Love you too," I smile. I wouldn't be getting clean for him if I didn't love him. Smiling back, he pushes his lips to mine. Humming, I kiss back. 


The End

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