Kyle: Rehab?Mature

This whole open relationship thing... It wasn’t so bad, really. I mean, I still got a leetle bit jealous when I saw Damien and Phil together but what can you do, eh?

I glanced at the two of them snuggled up together on the couch. I felt the jealousy start to bubble up in my chest but I tried to ignore it. I’d thought about going to Campbell and seeing if there was anything he could give me for the paranoia but something kept me from going. I mean, what if the paranoia wasn’t paranoia. What if every time I had that sneaking suspicion that Damien preferred spending time with Phil, I was right? What if it wasn’t even paranoia? Okay, that’s something a paranoid person would say.

I spent most of the time Damien and Phil spent together on the laptop, looking up stuff about paranoia and rehab. Maybe it was the drugs causing the paranoia? Okay, that’s more than likely but then again, I’d had the paranoia about Phil and Damien not loving me since before the drugs. I dunno, maybe it all tied in somewhere. I guess going to rehab would help with the paranoia a little but it’d cost and it’d be hell. Plus it’d mean not getting to see Damien as much which wasn’t exactly a good thing when Phil was getting progressively more possessive of Damien and seemed almost reluctant to leave the two of us alone together. Aren’t you forgetting he’s my boyfriend too?

I got distracted from my internal monologue of paranoia and annoyance by my phone going off in my pocket. I glanced at the screen, not recognising the number. That could only mean one thing; Graham had gotten out of jail.  I read the message, which simply stated I had to be at work at five, and let out a tiny sigh. Phil and Damien were preoccupied with each other so I slipped out without much of a goodbye. They’d probably just think I was in the shower or going out to get some drugs or something like that.

I  was instantly force fed my dose of smack when I got to the diner and sent off with whoever it was I was s’posed to fuck next. I was honestly too high to care if there was a condom involved, something that was usually my main concern. My guess is whoever I was fucking that night didn’t want to waste time with a condom, and Graham had given me my dose to get rid of my flat out refusal to fuck without one. It wasn’t just a case of staying safe and all; I’d promised Damien I’d use one.


I stumbled home after a few hours. Turns out the creep that paid for me had paid for pretty much everything. It was always weird being dominated but this took it to the max. I sunk onto the couch when I got back to Damien’s house. Damien and Phil were nowhere to be found, which no doubt meant they were already snuggled up in bed. I did my best to wipe the sad look off my face and got up, making my way upstairs hoping I could at least get my arms around Damien. I didn’t expect to walk into the room and see the two of them fucking. Phil glanced over at me, not stopping. I just stared for a few seconds as Damien looked over, moaning.

“Sorry” I mumbled, backing out of the room.

I heard Damien whine as I left the room. I waited outside the room. I couldn’t trust myself not to do something stupid if I wandered too far away. I heard Damien half whine, half moan my name.

“Mmm?” I asked a little sadly.


I did as he said. The fight had left me a long time ago. I put on a brave face as I made my way over, doing my best to ignore Phil. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked when Damien groped my ass. He pulled me down for a kiss, though I didn’t really kiss back. He didn’t seem to notice, though, kissing me harder and groping me more. I glanced at Phil and he looked at me, smiling slightly. Damien kept groping me, getting my pants undone. I arched an eyebrow at him. Phil switched position so Damien could reach me better and he pulled my pants and boxers down. I arched my eyebrow even more.

“Just go with it” Phil said.

Damien’s lips closed around my dick and my hand moved up to play with his hair a little. I wasn’t really in the mood, especially after walking in on them fucking, but if it was what he wanted to do then I’d let him. I played with his hair more as he kept sucking. I moaned slightly as he started finger fucking me, ignoring the memory of the creeper I’d been with a few minutes before. I moaned a little louder as he did it more, trying to just let it go and enjoy it. He kept going but I still wasn’t exactly in the mood. I let out a tiny sigh after a while. Phil seemed to notice how little I was into what was going on and fucked Damien harder. Damien moaned, his head sinking into the pillow once he stopped sucking me off. I pulled my pants and boxers back up, feeling the corners of my mouth twist down as Damien came. Phil followed after him and I just stood there not really knowing what to do. The two of them snuggled up together on the bed and I held back a sigh. I perched on the edge of the bed, even though they’d left enough room for me. I kept up the brave face as Damien hugged my waist. I didn’t hug back but he was too busy falling asleep to complain. I managed to stay in bed for about twenty minutes before I gave up and wandered downstairs, curling up on the couch and trying to trick myself into falling asleep.

The End

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