Damien: learning to shareMature

I feel Kyle shifting underneath me a little in my sleep and I groan quietly, not wanting to wake up yet. I'm all warm and comfy.

"Sorry," he mumbles, earning himself a sort of cross between a moan and a whine as I snuggle back up to him. His fingers brush through my hair, pulling a sleepy hum from me. When he kisses the top of my head, I nuzzle his chest, feeling all relaxed and happy right where I am.

His fingers trace random lines on my neck, making me tilt my head, shivering a little at the tickling sensation. I open my eyes enough to see him smile as he traces more lines on my skin. I shiver again and he plants a little kiss on my lips. I kiss back, tilting my head again as he kisses down my neck. I run my hand through his hair, smiling as he gives me a hickey.

"Thought you said you were horny," he says, littering more kisses on my neck. I let out a tiny moan.

"I am," I mutter through a baby of a moan, feeling myself getting a boner. His lips twist up in a smirk as he slides his hands down to my hips, seeing my boxers lifting up in a tent. I bite my lip as he giggles, groping me. My hips buck up into his hand, encouraging him to grope at me some more. I grab the front of his shirt, pulling him down for a hard kiss that he matches, making me moan.

"I fucking love you, Damien."

"I fucking love you too, Kyle," I tell him, pushing our lips together again. He returns it, jerking me off a little. "Fuck," I moan, "fucking fuck me already." It's been too long. He flashes me another smirk, strips me of my boxers and fucks my brains out.


Once we're done, we settle down to catch our breath back and snuggle. He kisses the top of my head and I get comfy, feeling all satisfied and smiley.

He hums, "I missed you."

"Missed you too."

"What do you think about the whole open relationship thing?" he asks, his expression turning all curious. Do we have to talk about this now?

I shrug a little, "I dunno." He kisses my cheek and I put my head on his chest, using him as my pillow. He plays with my hair for a while, giving me enough time to think of a pretty good reason to not go along with this. "Guess I'm just worried that it might cause a fight," I tell him.

"How come?"

"You're both pretty possessive," I say with a tiny smile. I can't imagine them enjoying having to share me all that much. It would end up like some awkward kind of time share thing where I'd be passed between the two on set days like a kid being ferried between divorced parents that hate each other.

Kyle chuckles, apparently not seeing this turning out the same way I do. "Guess we'll just have to learn to share." I nod, settling into his arms as he cuddles me a little more. 


The End

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