Kyle: M'sorryMature

“Well, Kyle, as far as we can tell from your x-ray, there was only minor bruising to your ribs which should heal up well enough on its own. There has been some damage to your throat and windpipe, though, so we’d recommend vocal rest and a check up in a week or two to make sure the damage isn’t too severe. Other than that, you’re free to go. Once you fill in the forms, of course”

I filled in the details I knew off by heart and just had to hope Mom hadn’t taken my name off the health insurance yet. I made it home by some miracle and what did I walk in on? Damien and Phil, both in boxers and a shirt and both with sex hair. Great. I glanced at Damien, mirroring the baby of a smile he sent my way.

“How’re you feeling?” he asked.

“Like shit” I said quietly. Speaking at a barely audible tone seemed to be the most effective way of talking without coughing up blood or having a coughing fit.

"Why don't you go rest up?"

"They want me on vocal rest" I said, clearing my throat a little.

He arched an eyebrow and I found myself chuckling.

"Did I not mention the guys that beat me up used my throat as a trampoline?"

He looked vaguely horrified at that and I shrugged, earning myself a gentle cuddle. I buried my head in his neck as he played with my hair.

"What've you two been up to while I was away?" I asked and he kind of shrugged.

"Same as when you were away before, really, but with less work lined up"

I hummed, not entirely believing him but it was good enough for now. He huggled me a little more and I let out a tiny sigh.

"I might go take a nap"

"Oh, okay" he said, letting go a little.

I kissed his forehead before fucking off upstairs. I didn’t really need a nap, I just wanted to be on my own for a little while. To think things through, y’know? I mean, it didn’t take a genius to guess Phil and Damien fucked last night. So what if there was a reason? What if Phil was better in bed than me? What if he made Damien happier than I ever could?


I made my way downstairs after a few hours, taking care to make sure I made as little noise as possible. I couldn’t chicken out of this, it had to be done. Damien had had a shower while I’d been pretending to nap but his clothes were still the same. He was sat watching TV when I wandered downstairs.

"Hey” I said quietly, making him look up.

“Hey" he smiled slightly.

"Anything good on?"

He looked at the TV. "Dunno. Wasn't really paying attention"

I nodded slightly.

"Wanna sit down?" he asked, shifting up to make room for me.

I sat down in silence, sort of hugging back when Damien hugged me gently, trying not to hurt me. The two of us sat in silence for a while til Damien whispered out “Love you”.

"Love you too"

The two of us fell silent again, then.

"Does he make you happy?" I asked after a while.


"Phil. Does he make you happy?"

He sighed. "Not this again"

I looked at him. "Just answer the question"

"No, he doesn't, because it's you I want, remember?"

"I know"

"So why ask?"

"Just curious"

Damien was quiet for a while before whispering "When am I going to get my Kyle back?”


"I mean, I know it was probably my fault you changed so much, but you're so different now" he said, a sad expression tugging at his features.

"Am I?"

He groaned slightly, curling up and snuggling a cushion. I arched an eyebrow a teeny bit, wondering what he was doing and how exactly I’d changed but he just lay there, snuggling his cushion and being emo. I cuddled him, feeling guilty for upsetting him. See, this is why I asked if Phil makes you happy, gorgeous. Because I seem to do a pretty shit job of making you happy.

"M'sorry" I said.

"It's not your fault"

We fell silent yet again and I tried to think of how I’d changed. I mean, my attitude towards sex and drugs had changed but that was it, right? Right?

The End

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