Damien: tranqsMature

Annie gives me a kind of weird look as I walk into the bar and get straight to work. It's hard to keep the fact that the guy I love is off fucking some weirdo for money right now. I look around the bar, looking for the familiar faces of the regular dealers and users here.  If Kyle's gonna be getting money...

I have to pass Annie behind the bar to get a glass, and as I'm shuffling along, she deliberately gets in the way for an opportunity to press up against me. On the way back, she gropes at my ass, smiling in a way that tells me that she plans to keep this up all night. I shake my head a little hoping that the coke I took doesn't make me snap and punch her or something. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her, and she's put up with a lot of shit from me the last few weeks. So I don't really want to end up snapping at her because she's jealous of Kyle. That's her problem and she should deal with it - me losing my temper won't help anyone.

It's kinda hard to keep myself getting another stiffie from all her touching, though. Not gonna lie, she's not half bad looking, and is a good fuck. And doesn't she fucking know it.

Unfortunately for me, she's good at bribery too. She's been around to see that bribing me with drugs is a sure fire way to get me to comply, and sure enough, when she notices I'm trying to ignore her practically molesting me, she corners me in the back room when it's quiet, whispering in my ear, "if Kyle can fuck for money, why can't you fuck for drugs?"

It's a fair point, really.

"How's about we close the bar early, I score some smack, and then we fuck before your whore gets back. He's such a pretty boy - I'm sure his clients keep him very busy." You did not just go there. I can't tell if it's the coke or her words, but my heart skips a few anxious beats, making me tear up just a little from the sudden lack of oxygen. She takes my silence as a yes, and walks back into the bar, making her ass sway the way she does every time she wants to keep a hold of my attention.


Annie puts the heroin in the cash register, locking it away from me before she pushes me back over to the couch in the back room. My dick's already hard from the groping it's received all evening, and straining against my pants. She teases it a little more, slowly unbuttoning my pants and shuffling them down my legs, her gorgeous lips pulled up in a sly smile. She makes me sit on the couch and watch as she strips off, pulling another wrap of coke from her bra.

She cuts a couple of lines each to ‘get us in the mood' and we snort them off each other's bodies, licking up what's left with, stripping away whatever's still to come off. She lies me down on the sofa, straddling me. Her lips meet mine in a hard kiss before she gets to work on me.

I notice, as she's busy having a great time up there on top of me, that there's something wrong with the coke she gave me. The buzz wore off a few minutes ago, and now all I want to do is go to sleep. It dawns on me sluggishly that I was too busy being horny to watch her cut my lines and it's all too possible she mixed some tranqs in with that.


"Damien?" I hear Kyle calling from the bar. Double fuck. Annie looks up as I can only assume he walks in. The smile she flashes him isn't a friendly one at all. I can't really see his face from this angle though. I'm not sure that that's a bad thing.

"You bitch," he growls, grabbing Annie's hair and pulling her off of me. She punches him in the balls, apparently not appreciating the disturbance as much as me. He doubles over. I try to get up, but Annie pushes me back down on the couch, kissing me hard. I feel completely disconnected as my body reacts, kissing back, even though my head is screaming at me not to.

Kyle tries to pull her off again, but she slaps him, earning herself a pissed off look from him. "Bitch," he says. She grabs the front of his shirt, pulling him close, using nearly the same logic on him as she did on me.

"If you can hurt him by fucking for money, why can't he hurt you by fucking for drugs?" she pulls out the bitch face, but the logic isn't quite as effective on Kyle as it was on me.

"What do you think the money's for, you stupid cunt?" he shoves her off and she smiles, lying down on top of me, one hand tauntingly close to my hard on that's refusing to go down.

"Well now you'll have more than enough," she says. He glares at her as she plays with my hair, and to be honest, I'm still too fucked over from whatever it was she gave me to really argue. I just want them to chill out and stop arguing over me. I'm not really worth the effort.

"Fuck the both of you." He storms off and I twist my head, trying to see where he's gone. Annie keeps twisting my hair in her fingers.

"I'm sorry, Damien," she says, her voice almost like a lullaby as she speaks, "I just wanted to make him hurt for what he did to you. He can't just fuck you around like that and go off to be a whore and still expect you to take him back." Thanks ever so much, Annie, but I think you probably just made everything worse, rather than better.

I slide out from under her, my body not quite willing to work with me as I pull my pants back on and stumble out. The drug addict in me makes me pause long enough to grab the heroin before I at least attempt to run after Kyle.

I don't get too far, if I'm honest. I manage to get as far as the sidewalk and call his name a few times, but I can feel my body getting further and further away from my mind and it's not long before my legs buckle and I crumple down onto the sidewalk, half naked and sobbing Kyle's name into the concrete.

How do I keep managing to let this kind of shit happen to me?


The End

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