Kyle: TroublesMature

I nodded at Damien. Coke wasn’t what I wanted but I’d take what I could get. I watched him as he cut us a line each, snorting the first one. He took it like a fucking champ and I snorted the second one. Now, having only done coke once or twice I was still a fucking pansy. I sniffled, rubbing my nose almost obsessively. Damien’s lips met mine and I kissed back, matching it when he kissed me kinda hard. He hummed, putting the wrap aside and planting more kisses on my lips. I returned each one, straddling him. I hummed as his hands moved to my ass. He kissed up and along my neck and I tilted my head, earning myself more kisses. I started undoing his shirt, earning myself an ass grope.  I smiled, leaning down and kissing his chest. He pulled my shirt off and I grabbed his hips. He kissed me hard and I matched it, squeezing his hips. He shifted a little and I smirked at how tight his pants had gotten. I groped him slightly and he bit my shoulder. Just as Annie walked in.

"Damien, it's getting kinda busy out there" she scowled.

The two of us glared at her but she ignored it.

"Hurry up"

We went back to being the writhing, groping mass and she snapped at us. Fuck off when I’m gonna get laid, bitch.


We ignored her and she stormed off. Finally. I vaguely heard her say "Don't think this won't be coming out of your pay check" but I really wasn’t paying attention to her. I undid Damien’s pants, giggling as he bucked his hips impatiently. He whined, stripping me. I moaned little when he groped me, pinning him down as he groped me more. He bit his lip and I pulled his pants and boxers off, teasing him. He moaned and I finger fucked him a little, forcing more moans out of him. Fuck, I loved it when he moaned. I kissed him hard, humming when he almost matched it. He bit my lip gently and I moaned a little, giggling at his impatient face before giving in and fucking him.


I snuggled up to Damien once we were done. Suck on that, Annie. Damien leant his head on my shoulder, looking kind of sleepy. I played with his hair, quite fancying a nap when my phone buzzed from somewhere on the floor. I ignored it since Damien was cuddled up to me but it buzzed again and I whined.

"Don't answer it" Damien said but the buzzing was starting to annoy me.

"I have to" I whined.


I sighed. I didn’t want to upset Damien but that buzzing was so fucking annoying. Damien clung to me slightly and I answered my phone once I found it, still cuddling him.

“Get your ass to work or I’ll skip your dose for today” Graham growled before hanging up.

"I have to go to work" I sighed and Damien clung to me like there was no tomorrow.

I gave him a baby of a kiss and he kissed back, pulling out the sad face.

"I'll be back as soon as I can"

He kept up the sad face, clinging to me when I hugged him. I smiled a little.

"I'm sure you could watch if you paid" Wait, that came out wrong.

Damien pulled back a little. "Why would I want to watch you fuck some desperate creep?" he asked, getting up and putting his clothes back on.

I sighed. "I didn't mean it like that"

I watched as he cut another line of coke for himself.

"I was thinking more along the lines of fucking you and not them"

He arched an eyebrow, snorting the coke and I got dressed. He put the rest of the coke away, watching as I slid my clothes back on. I went over to him, wrapping him in a cuddle, sighing as he cuddled back.

"I'll try and score some extra money" I said and he nodded.

I gave him another baby of a kiss which he returned.

"Make sure you use a condom" he said quietly before fucking off back to work


Making that extra money was easier than I thought. Graham had made the guy pay him in advance and all he wanted was a quick fuck but I managed to squeeze a few hundred bucks out of him for a blowjob. I made sure the money was hidden out of sight in my pocket before heading over to the diner to get my fix. I moaned as the delicious feeling of the drug washed round me, taking all my troubles away.

The End

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