Damien: competitionMature

As per usual, Rayn is waiting at the studio to bribe me out of the car with a joint. I slide out of the backseat, taking it from him and lighting up. Kyle crosses his arms, not looking all that impressed.

"Wanna share?" I ask, offering it to him. He nods a little and I give it to him, watching as he takes a couple of drags. He hands it back, and I finish the rest of it by myself. Not that Kyle didn't try to get it back. It's just that I'd seen Rayn rolling another one already so there was no point. I smoke it right down to the tip, and he pouts. I notice Rayn handing him the new joint just as I'm being called in. I shake my head and manage a small smile as I walk inside, getting on with my job.

After a couple hours, I'm given a break and I go straight outside to join Kyle and Rayn who're chattering away like mad people to each other. I get another joint, light it and cuddle up to Kyle. He puts his arms around me, still talking to Rayn, and I stay snuggled with him like that for the break.

He cuddles me more, almost crushing me against him. But I don't mind that, really. I'd rather that than not being with him. "I love you. Y'know that, right? Cause I do. Know what else I love? Blueberry muffins. Can we go get some? Can we? Wait, no, don't bother. I don't like blueberry muffins at all," he giggles and I smile, finishing my joint. I rest my head on his shoulder and he puts his own head on mine. My smile widens.

And then falls again as I'm called back inside. Kyle clings onto me and I give him a little kiss, hoping that as he kisses back, he'll let me get up. I mean, I hate being out in public, and I hate that I can't just spend the whole day being wasted, but what can I do? The jobs give me at least a little money, and while it's not enough to cover my drug use, it's better than nothing at all.


Kyle follows me to my work at the bar as well, and I feel just a little bit tense about it all, despite the joint I smoked on the way here. Because ever since I fucked her, she's taken it as a sign that I like her. Needless to say, she and Phil get on about as well as Kyle and Phil do.

Annie doesn't seem to notice or care that Kyle's in the bar, or she's putting on a show especially for Kyle - she flirts with me almost relentlessly through the first half of my shift, mostly ignoring Kyle except to return the glares he's giving her.

I make sure I serve Kyle every time he orders a drink, ‘cause I can't be bothered to deal with them causing a fight. Though I don't think it'd stop Annie from flirting with me all night.

"Do you mind?" Kyle snaps after a while.

"Not at all," Annie replies with a smile, going straight back to flirting with me. He scowls at her.

The moment I'm on my break, Kyle pulls me into a possessive kiss. I can't say I'm complaining, to be honest. As much as I like Annie, the flirting was getting a bit boring. I kiss back and he pulls me into a cuddle. "How long's she gonna flirt with you?"

"I don't know. Til she gets bored, probably."

"I don't like it," he pouts a little.

"I think she might've gotten a bit attached to me while she was looking after me," I mumble. He seems kind of curious, but what is there to say about it? She looked after me, and started liking me more. That's about all there is to it. I rest my head on his shoulder, humming as he plays with my hair. I missed this.

Kyle's still all grumpy about Annie's flirting with me, and even his cuddle turns kind of possessive as I snuggle into him.

"Hey, Damien, I brought you a wrap," she says, walking over to us in the back room. She looks up from the wrap in her hand and her smile falls a little, "Oh. Hey, Kyle." Kyle glares at her, but she flicks her hair out of her face and smiles again, handing it to me, "You looked like you needed a bit of a... pick-me-up out there."

Or maybe just a break from you, Kyle and Phil all acting like children. Seriously.

Kyle keeps up the glare, and Annie winks, walking back out into the bar, making sure to make her hips sway to catch my attention. He grumbles something under his breath that I don't quite catch and I glance at him, blinking the mental image of Annie's ass out of my mind's eye.

He has his ‘I'm-not-happy-and-y'all-gonna-know-about-it' face on. I resist the urge to roll my eyes.

"Want some coke?" I ask, turning the wrap over in my fingers. 


The End

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