Kyle: Think I Don't Know That?Mature

I tried to stand up to make my way upstairs with Damien but I just ended up on my ass on the floor. Damien laughed, not even trying to get up.

“Shudup” I said and he tried to hold back a laugh. So I glared at him. “I can go, y’know?”

A horrified look crept onto his face and I giggled.

“S’what I thought”

He whined and I prodded him slightly.

“I’m sleepy”

“Me too. I want bed” One problem there, darling. Your bed’s too far away.

I let out a hum and Phil walked in, trying to help me up. I batted him off, still not exactly fond of him.

"I can do it myself" I said, failing yet again at standing up.

He watched me. "Sure you don't want a hand?"

“I can crawl" I pouted.

"Suit yourself" he said, helping Damien instead.

I rolled onto my belly, wriggling along with a whine s Phil carried Damien upstairs. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was rolling around on the floor, whining. I felt like a tortoise on its back. Fucking hell. Phil came back down a few minutes later, glancing at me rolling around.

"D'you want me to carry you or not?"

I pouted and he grabbed me, carrying me upstairs in a fireman’s lift. I grumbled the entire time and he ignored it, laying me down in bed with Damien. I snuggled up to Damien instantly and he snuggled back. Phil kind of watched us but I shrugged it off, giving Damien a small kiss. He kissed back, tangling is fingers in my hair. I heard Phil sigh as he took a mattress out of the room. Okay then, that’s normal.

"Luff you" I smiled.

"Luff you too" he said sleepily.

"M'horny" And then I fell asleep. Fuck.


It was the afternoon when I woke up. Damien was still snuggled up to me, fast asllep and I leant over, giving him a small sleepy kiss. He moaned slightly as it woke him up. Oops.

"Sorry" I smiled slightly and he snuggled up to me more.

I hummed.

"Stay here today" he mumbled.

I nodded and he smiled before falling asleep again. My stomach rumbled and I pulled myself away from Damien, heading downstairs in search of food. I sort of nodded at his mom and went straight to the fridge.

"What're you doing here, Kyle?" she asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Getting food"

"Please don't get Damien's hopes up if you don't intend to stay with him"

I started making toast and she sighed, grumbling as she made her way back to the living room. My toast making was going great til I dropped the fucking plate on the floor.

"Fuck's sake"

Damien’s mom stayed where she was and I started clearing up the broken plate. I managed to cut my hand on a piece of it, blood pouring out of my palm.

"Fuck!" I yelled, throwing the blood smeared piece of crockery against the wall.

"What the hell are you doing?" Damien’s mom asked, coming into the kitchen to investigate.

She rolled her eyes, getting out that massive first aid box that every mom seems to have and bandaged up my hand. I glared at the plate, a grumpy expression on my face and his mom scowled at me.

"Go back upstairs. I'll bring something up for you"

I trudged back upstairs, snuggling back up to Damien and digging in when his mom brought up the toast I’d been making. She fucked off downstairs again and I carried on eating. Damien woke up long enough to steal a slice off my plate but fell asleep again before he got the chance to eat it. I giggled, stealing it back and went off in search of a drink once I was done. I ended up injuring myself again in the process of pouring myself a glass of juice and Damien’s mom tutted, clearing up after me and bandaging me up again.

"You're worse than Damien” she said and I pouted. "I'd have thought spending all that time with Damien how he is would've made you see why you should avoid drugs"

I shrugged slightly and she shook her head a little, getting me that drink. I thanked her, downing it in a few seconds. She waited around to make sure I didn’t hurt myself again and I broke out the puppy eyes.

"I can has more?"

I grinned as she got me another drink. I drank a little and she leant back on the counter.

"Sorry" I said quietly and she looked at me. "For putting Damien through all that"

"So are you going to stay with him, or is this just a visit that he's going to take completely the wrong way?"



"Whether he's willing to be with a whore"

She arched an eyebrow at me.

"Did he not tell you that part?"


"Oh. Well, there you go, I'm a prostitute now"

"...Right" she said eventually. I don’t think she really knew how to react.

"Which explains the drugs"

"You don't have to do drugs just 'cause you're a..." she trailed off awkwardly.

"You do when you feel like shit for breaking up with your boyfriend"

She folded her arms. "Why does Damien have to accept that you're a whore for you two to be able to get back together? I don't see why you can't find a more respectable job"

I sighed.

"Just because he's a fuck up, doesn't mean he doesn't deserve at least that much from the person he loves"

"Who's gonna hire me now?"

"You haven't got a record like Damien has. I'm sure you'll find something if you look for it"

"Where else is gonna pay $7000 a night?" I asked, smirking a little. Because let’s face it, I need that kind of money to keep up with what Graham’s been feeding me til I can give it up.

She sighed and muttered under her breath "My son deserves better"

I scowled at her. You think I don’t know that?

She glared slightly. "But Damien seems to be too attached to you to care much. I'll warn you now, though, Kyle: if you ever hurt Damien again, I'll personally rip your dick off. See how much money you make as a whore then" she warned and fucked off.

The End

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