Kyle: Come Sit With UsMature

I woke up in a strange bed. But to be honest, it was warm and comfy so I really didn’t give a fuck. I looked down at the snoring figure leaning her head on my chest and tried to remember what had happened. Oh yeah, Graham paid me to sleep with his niece while we were both high as kite. In her eighteen years of life she’d never had a boyfriend, you see, and it was getting her kind of down. She didn’t really care that I was just a whore, she was just happy to have someone satisfy her for the first time.

I rolled out of bed when whatever her name was moved a little and stumbled my way to the bathroom. I turned the cold tap on, splashing some water on my face. I smiled a little at the faint pink dots on my arm. Graham had been right about having something to cheer me up. Was that why Damien took drugs? To block out all the shit crashing down around him? I slunk back into bed, craving the warmth as a shiver rippled through me. I was freezing. I’d been through this before. All the times before I couldn’t take it and crawled back to Graham, asking for more. The cold sweats started and I shut my eyes, groaning. I wanted Damien. I wanted someone warm and safe to cuddle up to but there was no one. Even with whatever her name was lying next to me, I was still totally alone. I barely noticed as the girl slipped off, thanking me for a good time before she left. Everything ached. I just wanted to curl up and die.

But eventually I managed to haul myself out of bed and over to the diner to see Graham.

“I need more” I mumbled, not looking him in the eye.

“How do you need more?” he sighed.

“I feel like shit”

“Deal with it, I’m not giving you any”


“No, Kyle”

“Please. I’ll do anything”

“Get out of here”

“Please” I begged, slipping off the chair and onto my knees, “I’ll fuck you. Whatever you want, I’ll do it”

Graham grabbed my shirt collar, pulling me up off the floor. “Get out of my sight. You disgust me”

He marched me out of the diner, throwing me down on the sidewalk. Which didn’t help the aching in the slightest. I pulled myself up once I was ready and went in search of the only other person I knew could help me. Rayn.


I stumbled over to him once I found him in the park. The shivers had stopped and replaced themselves with the urge to throw up every five seconds. I’d thrown up twice in my search for Rayn but I still felt sick.

Rayn was laid back on the ground, smoking a joint and I grunted at him. I was almost tempted to steal his joint but I knew it wouldn’t help much. Graham was set on making me his bitch so he’d been giving me a dose every day for the past few weeks. Needless to say I was getting kind of hooked on the stuff. Rayn looked up at me.

“’Sup?” I asked and he giggled.

I went to speak but the nausea hit me again. Rayn gestured for me to go puke somewhere else and flopped back down on the ground. I puked behind a tree and flopped down beside Rayn once I was done.

"Damien's around somewhere. I think he'll be back in a bit" he said.

"I'm not looking for Damien"


“I feel like shit" I whined.

"How come?"

"Because Graham's an asshole"


I whined again. "I mean, he doses me up like every day and then acts like a bitch about it"

Rayn arched an eyebrow at me but I was too busy grumbling about how much of an asshole Graham was.

"What's he dose you up with?"

I grinned slightly and Rayn pouted.

"Can I work for him? I want free drugs"

I shrugged a little. "Have to ask him"

He laughed. "Well Damien went to go score some smack, but I dunno if he'll share"

"He better"

"Why don't you go get it yourself?"

"Bastard keeps my money"

"What happened to all that money you were shoving at Damien before?”

"Spent it" On a car. A car that I crashed when I was high and used the last of the money to bribe the cops that found me.

Rayn laughed, lighting another joint. I lay there feeling like shit until Rayn started sharing. The two of us lay there chattering away about nothing in particular til I heard Damien’s voice.

"I'm officially out of money. I really need another jo- What the fuck is he doing here?" he said, walking over to us.

Rayn giggled and I felt myself cheer up almost instantly at the sight of him.

"Damien" I said, a happy look sliding onto my face.

"Fuck off"

What? Why would he say something like that? I thought he was s’posed to love me? I loved him, for fuck’s sake. I felt tears start to well up in my eyes and Damien glared at me, trying to walk off. I dove at his legs, hugging them.

"Don't go"

He tried to kick me off but I just hugged him more, making him stand still.

"Luff you" I grinned up at him, earning myself nothing but silence in return.

I wrapped my legs around his ankles, nuzzling whatever was closest which just so happened to be a few inches too far away from his crotch for my liking. He still did nothing and I giggled, trying to hold his hand.

"Come sit with us"

He slapped my hand away and I couldn’t hold back the hurt look. He ignored it, trying to make me let go again. I didn’t and he started crying silent tears.


Nothing. I sniffled. Couldn’t he see how much I still cared about him? I let go of him, crawling over to Rayn. Rayn cared about me. Or at least he pretended to. Damien ran off and I sniffled again. All I wanted from him was a cuddle. Rayn played with my hair and I watched as he texted someone with his other hand. Was he texting Damien? Was he gonna try and get him back here and give me a cuddle? Of course he was. I love Rayn. He sighed once he sent this message and snuggled up to me. I snuggled back but it was Damien’s arms I really wanted to be in. Why does no one seem to understand this?

The End

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