Kyle: It Pays The BillsMature

All the extra money I had was burning a hole in my pocket. So a couple days after my run in with Damien and Rayn, I decided to head into town and treat myself. Cindy was more than happy to let me stay at her place so long as I paid my half of the rent and I was happy enough there so I didn’t have to worry about getting my own place. I asked Cindy if there was anything she wanted before I left and decided to surprise her when she said she didn’t want anything. I know I should probably have put my money in a savings account or something but I was enjoying having money for the first time ever.

I easily spent several hundred dollars on new clothes. Well, I have to look my best, don’t I? I bought Cindy some expensive looking jewellery and even felt generous enough to buy Graham some fancy cigars. I was feeling pretty great and about to go for a coffee when I saw Damien sat outside the coffee shop. I was debating going over and saying hi when I saw the guy sat with him; Phil. I was right, then. He’d been lying to me even when I found out. My good mood faded instantly and I turned around, heading back to Cindy’s place.

“What’s up?” she asked when I walked through the door.

Was my sadness really that obvious?

“I saw Damien and Phil together in town” I said quietly, staring at my feet.

She wrapped me in a hug, rubbing my back. “Just ignore him, kid. He’s an asshole, you’re better off without him”

Yeah? Then why does it hurt so much seeing him with Phil?


The second I got to work I was pulled into Graham’s office and bent over the desk. It was usual behaviour for me, now. I got dressed once he was done, not giving a fuck as to whether it looked like I’d just got laid or not. I wandered out into the diner, seeing none other than Phil. I made my way over to him, getting him a coffee when he asked for one. I had to fight back the urge to spit in it.

"You're Phil, right?"

He nodded and I hummed, wandering off to go point him out to Cindy. She glanced over at him, scowling when I mentioned who he was. He kind of watched as I whispered to Cindy that he used to be on drugs and probably still was. Cindy disappeared off to the back room and I watched Phil. He kind of looked like he wanted to say something and I gave in after a while, going over to him.

"I'm not here to cause a fight, Kyle"

"Never said you were"

"Yeah, well, just sayin', 'cause that waitress didn't give me much of a friendly look"

I shrugged. "She's just looking out for me"

"'Kay, well anyways, I came to tell you that you'll have your apartment back soon. Damien's moving out"

"How come?"

"You're all he ever thinks about, Kyle. He can't stand living there anymore"

"Fair enough"

He got up, giving me the money for his coffee. "I hope you know what you've done to him"

"What's that s'posed to mean?"

"He doesn't want to do anything anymore. We have to watch him every fucking second to make sure he doesn't try to top himself again, all because you're too fucking nuerotic to believe he loves you" he said kind of irritably.

"I can't help that, can I?"

"You could always have tried to believe him"

"I did try" I tried so fucking hard when I was in hospital and I managed to convince myself he meant it. I couldn’t do it a second time.

He sighed. "Whatever. So long as you're happy whoring yourself out, I guess he doesn't matter, does he"

"It pays the bills" I shrugged and he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"I'll drop the keys and this month's rent money around when he's moved his stuff out" he said and left.

Wow. I was already in a shit mood but that was just the icing on the cake. Cindy found me moping in the back room and gave me a coffee and a slice of pie. I didn’t touch either. It’s not that I wasn’t grateful, I just didn’t see how coffee and pie were going to help me.

“Kyle, come here” Graham said from his office.

I trudged in there, wondering what he wanted. When he spoke again his voice was silky smooth and seductive as hell.

“I have something that’ll make you feel better”

The End

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