Kyle: I Want You To Have ThisMature

Leaving Damien hurt like hell but I kept telling myself it was for the best. That he could go find Phil and be happy without me. I still spent a week curled up on Cindy’s couch, not saying or doing anything and only moving to use the bathroom. I deleted his number. I ignored the texts from Mom asking how I was doing and why hadn’t I been in school. I didn’t need school, I had a job that paid well. Cindy took me under her wing and taught me some of the tricks of the trade, so to speak, and within a few days I had a more than healthy income. I didn’t care that I felt like a whore anymore. I was earning a living and I got to feel for a few minutes that someone loved me. Which was why I was fucking like ten people a day. On a bad day I’d make at least $7000. I felt kind of bad for leaving Damien with all the costs of the apartment and put aside a little money each week to give him if I saw him.


I wiped my mouth, smiling up at the little freak who’d paid me to suck him off. He gestured at his jacket pocket and I pulled out the rest of my money, winking at him and fucking off. I made my way back to the diner like usual. Graham always demanded his cut of the money I earned and I happily gave it to him, setting out to find my next customer straight after. Most of the people that went to the diner were after a quick fuck so I figured why not offer them my services?

I was sat talking with Graham when Rayn walked in. Damien was with him. Rayn pulled him to a table at the back of the diner and I kept talking to Graham. I saw Cindy glare at them before striding over to serve them.  I laughed as Graham made a comment about the guy I sucked off and Damien looked over, looking straight back down at the table.

"Hey" I said, going over to him and Rayn.

"Hey" he said, not looking up from the table.

"How are you?"

He shrugged.

"Oh. Hang on a sec" I said and disappeared off to the back room.

I grabbed the money I’d been putting aside for Damien and headed back over to him and Rayn. Damien had his head leant on the table.

"I want you to have this" I said.

He didn’t move and Rayn prodded him. I put the money on the table and he glanced at it.

"Where'd you get that?"


He glanced at Graham. "Is being a whore guilt-free now I'm gone?"

I said nothing and he stared out the window. Being a whore is easier when you can zone out of what you’re doing and think of something else. The first few times I thought of Damien...

I shrugged slightly. "Either way, I feel like an ass for leaving you to pay the rent and stuff on your own so I want you to have that" I said, nodding at the money.

"I'm doing fine on my own" he said quietly, almost looking like he was trying not to cry.

"Please take it. Treat yourself or something if you're managing to keep up with the rent" I said with a slight smile.

Rayn pushed the money back towards me. "Probably not a good thing to say to someone who's still trying to give up drugs"

My smile fell. "I'll keep hold of it for you, then"

Rayn nodded and all of a sudden I had no idea what to say. Damien was sat there trying his best not to cry and I just stood there feeling awkward. I was about to try and ramble on about something random when Damien grabbed some of the money and walked out.

"Aw, fuck. Sorry, man. See you later" Rayn said, going after Damien.

I sighed, picking up the wads of cash and shoving them back in my locker. He was supposed to be happier now he didn’t have to convince me he loved me every day just to keep the lie going. I leant my head on my locker and felt someone’s arms wrap around me.

“My office, five minutes” Graham whispered huskily, letting go of me and slinking off.

I smirked. Who else gets paid to fuck their boss?

The End

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