Damien: Forgetting tonightMature

I watch dumbly as he walks off. Shoving my hands in my pockets, I turn to walk away. Which is when I realise something.

"Hey!" I shout, "Hey! You've got my... you've got my keys," I finish quietly, as he vanishes out of sight. "Fuck."


I find myself sitting in that tree, the one outside my window at mom's place, just staring in through my window. It's been closed, so I can't really get in that way and just crash there without anyone noticing. I found a joint in my pocket on the walk here from school. I pull that out now, leaning back into the tree trunk as I light it.

"Damien!" I hear Rayn calling from the ground. I look down, and gesture for him to join me on my branch. He climbs up, sitting opposite me, smiling. We share the rest of the joint, talking about random crap til Rayn asks "why're you here?"


"Why're you at your parent's place? I thought you live with Kyle in that apartment?"

"We had a fight, and he's got my keys." He reaches over and pats my head, thumping his hand down on my skull a few times.

"What d'you fight over?"

"He doesn't think I mean it when I say I love him," I sigh, banging my head back against the tree.

"How comes?"

"Apparently I've been dreaming about Phil, and talking about him in my sleep. So Kyle's convinced himself this means I don't actually care about him and that the person I really love is Phil." I moved on ages ago. Ages ago, right? I miss him, sure, but I miss him because we were still good friends.

Rayn giggles, "sucks, man. Tell him to stop being such a dick and get over it."

"You don't think I'm still hung up on Phil, do you?" He shrugs and giggles again.

"How would I know?"


I haul myself off to work when eight o'clock rolls round, trying to prepare myself for yelling.

"How're you feeling?" Annie asks as I walk in. I shrug, and she looks at me, "you're not wearing your work clothes."

"I got locked out the apartment."

"Boyfriend troubles?" I shrug again, but there's no point trying to keep it from her.

"Need somewhere to stay tonight?"


"I'll take that as a yes," she laughs, "C'mon. Get your ass behind the bar." I give her a weak smile and walk around behind the bar, jumping a little as she slaps my arm, "give me a real smile. You can't serve people looking like you'd rather jump off a bridge." I'm tempted to ask her ‘but what if I really would rather jump off a bridge?' but I keep that one to myself, getting to work.


Annie sits me down at one of the tables when we've finished cleaning up, passing me a glass with vodka in and a coke to chase. I don't question whose pay check these are coming out of, I just down whatever she puts in front of me until I feel myself starting to get drunk.

"So, you wanna talk about what happened?" Annie asks, pouring herself another drink. I shake my head, making the room pulse.

"I just wanna forget about it."

"I can help you forget," she says, her dark red lips almost mesmerising me as she sits down on my lap, making sure she wiggles her ass around a little as she gets comfy. She puts her arms around my neck, smiling at me. I kind of stare, not really all that sure about what's going on. All I know is there's something stirring in my pants that shouldn't be. "I have some drugs at my place. We can speedball and forget everything for the night," she tells me, reaching down to put my hands on her hips. I hum, leaning my forehead on hers.

"You'll help me forget it?" I mumble, and she smiles some more, nodding slightly.

"I'll help you forget," she runs a hand through my hair, and I slide my hands around to the small of her back, hugging her against me. She wiggles her ass again and I let a tiny moan slip between my lips as I feel my dick starting to come to life. Apparently she feels it too. "You're not really gay, are you?" she laughs and I shake my head, smiling a little.

"M'bi," I mutter, trying to ignore her playing with the button on my pants, her smile becoming a seductive one. I'm beyond caring where this is going, to be honest. I just give in and let my body do whatever the fuck it likes.


On the walk back to her place, we're a stumbling mess of fumbling hands and kisses. Most of her lipstick is on my face instead of her lips, and I've had to undo the zipper on my skinnies where they were too tight against my boner. She giggles every time she sees it out the corner of her eye. When we finally reach the door to her apartment, she opens it with one hand, teasing me with her other. I whine and she pulls me inside, practically throwing me down on her bed.

She sits on me, pinning my hands to my sides with her legs, so I'm forced to stay still and watch as she undoes every button on her shirt. She goes at an almost painful pace, giggling every time I wriggle impatiently underneath her.

"Patience," she tells me, finally letting my hands go. I tug my shirt off and reach up to try and get her bra off. Yeah, I fail at that. She laughs, not seeming to mind as she helps me get it off. Her lips push against mine and she moves away from me, getting something from the table beside her bed. I sit up, watching as she grins, holding up a bag of heroin and another of coke. I grin back and help her make up a couple syringes of speedball.

We shoot up together, and in the incredible rush of euphoria, we strip each other of the rest of our clothes, falling down on the bed together.


"Your boyfriend's very, very lucky to have you," Annie slurs, a satisfied look on her face as she falls asleep. Fuck. Kyle. I thought I was supposed to  be forgetting him tonight? Why d'you fucking say that, Annie?

I look around and see that there's quite a lot of heroin left over. I glance at her, figuring she won't wake up if I move, and shuffle over, prepping another needle, this time of just heroin.

As I jab the needle in, sinking further into a drugged up happiness, my only thought is ‘that might've been too much'. 


The End

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