Damien: Not enoughMature

I forgot how boring homework could be sometimes. Can't believe I'm sat in a shitty diner doing my boyfriend's homework for him while he works. Still, I guess we can't both be total academic wrecks, eh? I glance around, wondering where he's even gone, but I look back down quickly, noticing that waitress chick glaring at me again.

"How's it going?" Kyle's voice says above me after a while.

"Nearly done," I mutter, not looking up.

"Want anything?"

"A better textbook," I laugh slightly, "but a coffee, thanks." I glance up from the work long enough to see him smile. And to notice that there's something not quite right about the way he looks. I watch as he goes and gets me a coffee and realise his hair's a mess. He brings it over and I mumble a ‘thank you', pretending to not notice that he looks like he's just been sexed up.

"Let me know when you're done and I'll have my break," he says, going back to work. I write down a couple more answers, my concentration slowly fading away. I give in, and stare out of the window, trying not to over think the reason behind his messed up appearance.

I mean, just ‘cause he vanished for ages, and then reappeared looking all ‘I've-just-had-sex', doesn't mean he actually did. Right? Surely he wouldn't wanna do anything like that again after it landing him in hospital? But then I start to wonder if I'm not enough for him anymore. It's not like the methadone treatment is doing wonders for my libido or anything. Maybe... Maybe...

"Something interesting out there?" Kyle says, making me jump. I look up at him, watching him giggle, forcing out a little smile.

"No, this is just really boring."

"Take a break, then. You know you don't have to do it, right?" he chuckles.

"I don't want you to fail," I shrug.

"I'll have more time on my hands when I finish here." I just nod, unable to think of anything to say to that as he sits down opposite me. I put my pen down, making him smile.

"You okay?" he asks when I fold my arms, leaning forward on them.

"Yeah, just kinda put off by that what'sherface waitress glaring at me all night."

"Cindy? Just ignore her, babe, she's been being a bitch for a couple days now." I let out a sigh and he switches seats, sitting down next to me, but I kind of hesitate, taking a long moment to decide to lean on him. He cuddles me and kisses the top of my head when I rest it on his shoulder, shutting my eyes. I fake a sleepy face, for no real reason other than to avoid conversation. ‘Cause I don't want to end up saying something stupid.



"I can see if they'll let me go early, if you want," he suggests.

"It's okay. I can drive back home, if you can still get a lift with someone?"

He nods, "I'll just get a cab if I can't."

"M'kay. I'll see you later then." I pull out my wallet and give him enough money to get a cab back. I return the little kiss he gives me, getting up.

"Don't wait up," he says with a tiny smile. Just as well I wasn't planning on it. I nod, flip the textbook closed and take it with me as I leave.


"Fuck!" I growl, throwing my drumsticks to the floor. The studio tech guy looks at me weirdly for a second before turning on the talkback mic.

"You alright in there Damien?" he asks.

"Yeah, sorry," I take a breath before getting up and picking up the sticks again. "My mind's just elsewhere and I keep getting that fill wrong."

"D'you want a break?"

"A line of coke and I'll be good to go," I say half jokingly with a weak laugh, "but yeah, a break would be good." He nods and gestures for me to go outside. Rayn joins me for a smoke, sitting on my lap.

"Apparently Phil got out of rehab a few days ago," he says nonchalantly, smiling a little. 


The End

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