Kyle: No Time Like The PresentMature


“You’re mean” I tutted from the bed as Damien wandered off into the kitchen.

I stayed where I was in bed, listening as Damien got whatever food it was he wanted. He came back after a while with pancakes and whippy cream. I put on the innocent school boy face as I tried not to giggle. He tucked into his whippy cream pancakes, feeding me some. He “accidentally” got cream on me and I looked up at him innocently. He licked it off, going back to eating as I giggled. I opened my mouth for some more, grinning as he fed me some more pancakes. He chuckled, still eating.

"Much better than hospital food" I said and he nodded.

I opened my mouth again, wiping some whippy cream on Damien’s nose. He pouted at me and I grinned, trying not to laugh as he attempted to lick it off. He grabbed the can, squirting some on my face. My jaw dropped in shock and Damien just had this kind of amused with himself look on his face.

"You're not s'posed to pick on the sick person" I pouted and he ruffled my hair.

I pouted more and he licked the cream off, giving me a small kiss. I kissed back and he put his plate on the floor, straddling me. I looked up at him innocently again.

"Y'know, I think I have just the thing for such a sick little boy"


He nodded, going over to his stuff. He came back over with lube and one of the sex toys from before. I giggled as he lubed it up, kissing me. He pushed it in as I kissed back and I let out a tiny moan. He smiled, wiggling around a little before turning it on.

"Now you just stay in bed and rest up" he fucked off to the couch, taking the remote with him.

I moaned as the vibrations sent hiver up my spine. "Meanie"

He switched on the TV, playing with the controls for the toy leaving me a moaning wreck on the bed.

"Pick a setting and stick with it"

"Fuck" I moaned out when he picked the highest setting.

I heard him giggle.

"You're an asshole"

"I love you too"

I moaned a fuckload more, shuffling into the living room when he turned it off. He turned it back to the highest setting and it took a lot to stay upright.

"Oh my God, you asshole"

Damien flashed me a pervy look and I shuffled over to him as he kept turning it on and off again. I prodded him.


I looked down at my rather obvious boner. "It's not gonna suck itself"

He tutted, kneeling down and sucking me off. He played with the controls while he was giving me head and I moaned, my fingers tangling in his hair. It didn’t take long for me to come and I grinne as Damien swallowed, choking a little at first.

"Feeling better yet?” he asked, sitting back on his heels.

I hummed, nodding and he chuckled.

"There still seems to be something in my ass, though. That could be an issue"

"I don't see how it could be, personally"

"It's an issue when you keep fucking around with it"

He turned it on and hid the control. "There. No more fucking around with it" he grinned and I pouted.

And just how am I s'posed to sit down?"

He giggled. "I'm sure you can manage"

I sat down, biting my lip as the toy brushed against my prostate. Damien held back a giggle and I moaned.

"You're a whore, y'know that?"

"That must be why I've fucked so many other guys" he said, rolling his eyes.

I chuckled and he shook his head a little. I coped with the vibrations for a little but soon enough it was too much for me.

"Turn it off" I said, resting my head on Damien’s shoulder.


"Cause I said so"

"You have to get the remote" he said and sat on me.

I whined, earning myself a grin.

"I'll leave you for someone prettier" I pouted and he huffed. "I'm not even joking"

"Tough call. None of the pretty boys in this town are remotely bent" he smirked a little.

"Who said I'm staying here?"


"Even though I'm leaving you for a pretty boy?"

"But I love you" he said, pretending to turn on the waterworks.

"You'd turn this off if you loved me"

He lay me down, jerking me off a little. "But I bought it for you to wear while you're fucking me"

I hummed at his not to subtle hinting face. "We better do something about that, then"

He nodded.

"Couch or bed?"

"Well the lube's in the bedroom" he chuckled.

I picked him up and carried him to the bedroom. He kissed my neck as he clung to me til I put him down on the bed. He got comfy and I crawled over him, kissing him hard when he looked up at me.

"I love you"

He hummed. "I love you too" he smiled, putting an arm around my neck.

I planted a slow kiss on his lips and he matched the speed. I reached for the lube as he jerked me off and stripped him once I grabbed it. He helped with the stripping and I finger fucked him a little while I lubed up, eliciting a moan from him. I gave him a baby of a kiss and he bit my lip.

"Ouch" I smirked slightly but I kind of got the feeling he was too horny to care.

He kissed me hard and I matched it, making him hum. I smiled and he bucked his hips up impatiently. No time like the present, then.

The End

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